Nintendo NX Date, Blizzard Responds, Intel supports Type C Headphones

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Nintendo has finally revealed when they will launch their upcoming Nintendo NX console. March 2017 is the chosen release window, and we’ll finally get a real look at the console when it’s revealed later this year. Nintendo also announced that the Zelda game for Wii U that they’ve been teasing since before the Wii U’s release will actually launch on both that console AND the NX. Slightly disappointing for Wii U owners, but on the plus side, there’ll be a playable demo at E3, so… keep your chin up. Lastly, Nintendo is looking to continue pushing into the smartphone market, as the company announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles will be coming to mobile devices this fall.


Blizzard has finally responded to all the controversy surrounding their takedown of the Nostalrius private World of Warcraft server. In a post on the official WoW forums, the game’s Executive Producer and Vice President J. Allen Brack said that “failure to protect against intellectual property infringement would damage Blizzard’s rights”. The argument being that if they let just anyone host a private server, the idea that Blizzard is in full control of the Warcraft IP would be questioned. However, Brack does say that Blizzard has looked into hosting servers running “classic” versions of WoW, but that doing so would be extremely difficult. Even though a bunch of people did just that, for free, for many years. Plus, maybe letting those people run their own server damages Blizzards rights, but this whole debacle has certainly damaged their public image, so… Looks like you picked your own poison, there, Blizzard.


And Intel has apparently fully jumped on the bandwagon to replace 3.5mm audio jacks with USB Type C ports. Company reps gave a talk at the Intel Developer Forum pertaining to their efforts to create a standard for USB Type C Digital Audio technology, with plans to release its specification later in Q2. The 3.5mm jack is one of the last ubiquitous analog connectors, and if companies like Intel, Apple, and LeEco – who just released phones without audio jacks – have their way, we’ll be looking at an all digital audio future.


It’s time for smaller stories, said quickly!

Youtube is going to play 6-second unskippable ads before videos in the Youtube app, starting this May. So you have to watch a corporate Vine before a Youtube video – eh, it’s not the end of the world.

This week, if you buy a Lumia 950 XL from the Microsoft Store in the US or Canada, you get the smaller Lumia 950 for free. Man, Microsoft really wants to get their phones out there, but that’s also a solid deal.

HTC is launching the Vive X program, a startup accelerator through which HTC will invest 100 million US to assist development of VR content. That’s one way to get the ecosystem going.

Phillips has gone a little overboard and launched a 43 inch, 4K, IPS monitor for PCs with a 60 hertz refresh rate and 10 bit color. In case you needed another thing to drool over.

SOME people probably still care about Bitcoin, so good news for them, Steam accepts it! Yep. So.

And the next Call of Duty game could come with a remastered version of the original Modern Warfare, if a reddit leak is to be believed, but more importantly, the new title is called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Really? You’re going with that? I mean you might as well stop here now, like, Infinite Warfare kind of covers all the bases.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


You know who the best player ever with an s in his name was BOBBY ORR!  In a Don Cherry voice


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