Nintendo Switch Vulnerability, PS4 games on PC, leaked Vega benchmarks

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Hey, guys, it’s me again. I know you had a rough Monday, so let me ease you back into the rest of the week with some tech news. It does the mind and the body good. Not sure how, that’s for scientists, I’m just a video host. Shall we?


What’s that? You think your Nintendo Switch can’t BE hacked? Shigeru Miyamoto is too pure of heart? Well you’re wrong, primarily because that’s not how it works. Turns out the Switch uses an outdated version of Apple’s Webkit browser engine that still contains a dangerous vulnerability known as “Trident”, because it’s made up of 3 different bugs. Trident was patched by Apple in version 9.3.5 of iOS in August, but looks like Nintendo didn’t incorporate the patch. So now everything you have on your Switch is open to hacking. Banking details. Investment portfolio. Driver’s license. Your secret nude photos. But actually, this probably isn’t anything to worry about, but hopefully, Nintendo patch it soon.


Fans of PS4 exclusives, listen up! Sony’s Playstation Now streaming service on PS4 and PC is going to get Playstation 4 games later this year. Up til now, the service only offered titles from PS3. A private beta for the new feature will launch in the next few weeks, after which it will release to the public. PSNow costs 20 bucks a month or 100 bucks a year, while Microsoft’s game streaming service, Xbox Game Pass, is half the price at 10 bucks a month, but it’s only available on Xbox One right now, no PC support yet. Do any of you guys use either of these? I actually just started playing The Last of Us on my PC using the PS Now free trial, and it’s pretty awesome. Now… to beat the game before the 7-day trial runs out… 20 bucks is steep.


And now for the slightly shadier story of the day, some alleged Radeon Vega benchmarks have popped up on the web. The tests were done in Compubench and SiSoft Sandra, both compute-intensive tests. In the screenshots, AMD’s card can be seen outperforming the 1080 by as much as 35 percent, but in the Camp bench test, the Maxwell Titan X and 980 Ti also outperform the 1080… which… is weird, and should definitely be an extra reason to take these numbers with a grain of salt. Do you guys like salt? What do you put it on, eggs? Tomatoes? Potatoes? The list goes on. Why don’t you tell us in the comments below.


It’s time for QUICK BITS!

Intel has bought Israeli autonomous vehicle startup MobilEye for 15.3 billion. They aim to build a “scalable architecture” that could enable self-driving capability in any car, while also giving the CIA a good look at you any time you’re driving. MobilEye!? Sounds like 1984 to me.

The Meta 2 AR headset being shown off at south by southwest has a wider field of view than the Hololens, though it still has to be connected to a PC. But it’s good to see Microsoft getting some competition in AR. Until Apple launches the i-Lens, anyways.

Google and Levi’s showed off the fruit of their partnership, the Commuter jacket, which has a built-in bluetooth dongle and a touch-sensitive area on the sleeve so you can control music or find out what time it is by swiping. The Commuter is coming in the fall for 350 bucks US.

Speaking of smart clothing, researchers in Switzerland have unveiled a fiber optic material that can integrate sensors for things like heart rate directly into clothes seamlessly. Pun intended.

Gigabyte has joined the throng of companies offering external GPU boxes with the Aorus GTX 1070 Thunderbolt External Graphics Box. Catchy name. And it pretty much tells you what you need to know about it, so moving on.

And Microsoft has added the capability for “playable Ads” to the Windows Store, meaning you can try out certain apps by streaming them for 3 minutes before you buy. Sounds great… if anyone was buying anything from the Windows Store! Heyo, high-five, Steam!

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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