No Man’s Sky Broken on PC, Riot Games Sues, Spotify for Gaming

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After waiting a few days after the PS4 launch of no man’s sky, today the game is officially out for PC. And boy oh boy have things been going …not good. First up, rock paper shotgun has their no man’s sky PC launch article and it tells a grave tale. Writer John Walker says he’s been having tremendous problems with graphics and real nasty choppy movement. This is extremely strange since he says he’s running the game on a GTX 1080 , an i7 6700 and 32gb of ram. Two other rock paper shotgun employees are also having problems running the game smoothly. John says that turning the game down to medium settings seems to have fixed the choppiness, but he says and i quote “its fulgy on medium” And its not just an isolated incident. TotalBiscuit tweeted out that “this is Arkham Knight levels of bad.” Furthermore the Steam Review page for No mans sky is covered with thumbs down all over. The one thumbs up i saw said “ the refund button works well” So i guess if you were thinking about getting no mans sky for PC, maybe wait for a match first. Actually, let us know in the comments below. Did you get no mans sky for PC? If so, whats has your experience been like?


Riot Games is taking cheaters to court. The makers of the ever popular MOBA League of Legends is suing the owners of League sharp. League sharp charges $15 and $50 a month for services that allow players to see hidden information, automate gameplay to perform with enhanced or inhuman accuracy … so cheating. Its a service that lets league players cheat. Riot did tried to solve things outside of the court, but that didn’t pan out. So now Riot has resorted to getting lawyers involved.  League sharp has 21 days to respond to the lawsuit. No other updates at the time of writing.


Spotify has just launched a new portal for gamers called spotify gaming. Here you can find original soundtracks to games like Furi, Uncharted 4, the halo series and much more. And its not just soundtracks, there are also some curated playlists for almost every game and every mood. So whether its electronic, or hip hop that youre into or even just wanting a mellowed out gaming playlist, you can check it out at Personally i would definitely recommend the Rocket League curated playlist,. Top notch.


Its time for bem bem bem bem lightning round


Rumours say that Sony might be confirm the PS4 Neo at an event on september 7th  in new york.


Looks like the successor to the Nvidia shield tablet wont be happening. Theres apparently a dismissal request letter from nvidia ot the fcc stating that “ for business reason, the product has been cancelled” Dang it… i was actually looking forward to a shield replacement.


Mit and Microsoft partnered up to create a new touch interface. Its called duoskin. Its a temporary tattoo that can interact with a whole bunch of devices via NFC.


Google might be working on an original OS named Fuschia that might run on mobile and desktop devices.


Minimum and recommended requirements have been post for Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you can check those out in the sources.


And corsair launches a gtx 1080 that is liquid cooled called the Hydro GFX GTX 1080. Thats a mouthful


Sources for all of todays news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


The longest word in greenland eh? Ok

Nah luna ara su arta aseris unn gor sinna ali aran ura nun erso runa


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