Note 7:Time to Give Up, Canada

It is not a good year for Samsung as you know. Samsung Canada recently announces another update of Note 7 devices: Canadian won’t be able to use Note 7 on any network after December 15.

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Samsung Canada announced that even 90% of Note 7s sold through Canada have been returned, around 4,000 note 7 devices still remains. Those remaining note 7 devices will lose access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on December 12, along with cellular abilities three days later (December 15).

At the same time, Samsung Canada implores people to return their Note 7 devices as soon as possible. As a recalled product, remaining Note 7 users are legally prohibited from selling or giving away it. However, Note 7 devices are still able to call 9-1-1 for safety reasons after, which is a reasonable decision.


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