Photo Studio for PC Games! – NVIDIA ANSEL

NVIDIA Ansel will let you become a PC in-game photographer with quality tools, field of view modifications, free camera movement and fully transparent HUD.

For in-game photography, there are very few tools that users can use. Therefore, they resort to only screenshots which feel rather limited. With Nvidia Ansel, users can now embrace their artistic side through in-game photography. Some of this photography tools are Brightness, vignette, sketch, color enhancer and resolution scaling. With resolution scaling, users can get better details and perfect edges.

There are a few problems with Ansel. At the moment, it is only compatible with seven games. These games are The Division, The Witness, Law Breakers, The Witcher 3, Paragon, No Man’s Sky and Unreal Tournament. It is limited to these games because it depends on how much freedom the game developer wants to give Nvidia. Another complication is that many will most likely abuse this to their advantage in multiplayer games. They will abuse it by gaining a bird’s eye view over the entire map. Hopefully, Nvidia can prevent this from happening so that everyone can enjoy their games. The final blow is to AMD fans. Since this is a product of Nvidia, it will be bound to only Nvidia GPUs.

Overall, this will be a fantastic product if more games can use it and Nvidia prevents cheaters. Good job Nvidia!

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