NVIDIA Parker SoC, PSNow Coming to PC, Google Daydream VR Soon

There comes a time in everyone’s day where you just have to sit down, and watch a show on the internet that spew out tech news for you. That time is now. That show, is Netlinked Daily.


Nvidia unveiled their latest mobile processor named Parker at the Hot Chip Symposium. Parker is meant for automotive applications a like self driving cars and digital cockpits. Parker has 256 cuda cores on its pascal gpu, it has 2 64-bit denver cpu cores which are paired with 4 64bit ARM Cortex cpus. Parker also has 128 bit LPddr4 memory, security engines, audio engines h.265 video encoder and decoder all built on a 16nm finfet process. Thanks to its combo of Pascal GPU and Denver Cpu architecture, Parker can efficiently deliver up to 1.5 teraflops.  THe future of autonomous vehicles just got a whole lot more interesting.


A recent leak on sony’s own website hinted at Playstation Now would be coming to the PC. For those of you who are unfamiliar, PS Now is sony’s version of cloud gaming. In an effort to do damage control, Sony has just decided to officially announce it on their blog. In addition to PS now coming to pc, sony is also launching a dualshock 4 usb wireless adapter for about $25. This adaptor will allow you to use dualshock 4 controller on both pc and mac wirelessly and be able to use all of the features of the controller, as long as the gaming app supports it. Both PS Now for PC and the adapter are coming soon.


Remember back at Google IO, Google unveiled their VR project Daydream? Well sources are now saying that the Daydream VR can’t be too far behind the Nougat launch and should be here sometime in the coming weeks. And in an effort to make VR more appealing to a broader audience, Google is partnering up with Hulu, Netflix, HBO, CNN and Youtube content creators to make entertainment offerings rather than mainly focus on gaming. This could be a smart move for google since the Rift and Vive both already have a big lead in terms of popularity with gamers. What do you guys think? Should the Daydream VR platform focus on entertainment first? Or should they dive right into gaming? Let us know and comment below.


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Sony is jacking up their playstation plus memberships starting on september 22nd. It will go up to $60 for the US and $70 for Canadians for the 12 month subscriptions. If you follow me on twitter you already know im super pissed.


Opera’s free vpn service was at first only on IOS but today, its now on android too! You can also have it block ads as well.


There are rumours saying that Nintendo might use the Parker SoC from Nvidia for the upcoming NX console.


Parrot will sell their Disco drone next month starting at $1300


Asus is now making their motherboards a bit more customizable by offering CAD files for components that you can 3d print.


And Microsoft has announced Xbox Onesies. Only downside is that its just for the Australian market for now. I really want one but you know what? Good for Australia! They usually are the ones left out, but this time they get an exclusive. Aussie aussie aussie!


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post, linked in the description.



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