NZXT Manta Review – Bigger ITX Case Better?

NZXT Manta ITX is not your conventional compact enclosure for an ITX system. It is so much more! The NZXT Manta starts at $139 USD. This case is primarily for enthusiasts. It is rather large and is slightly smaller than a mid tower case. The case frame structure has all around curved metal panels which make it modern and sleek looking. The top panel has two curved indentations which are nice. The IO ports there are two USB 3.0, a pair of audio jacks, power button and a light up powerstrip.  Vents at the top and the front are integrated nicely into the chassis making it feel like it is part of it. At the front, users can either place two 120mm or dual 140mm fans. It also has a dust filter that gives enough space for push and pull setups. Nice thinking there NZXT!

At the top, you can also fit dual 120mm or 140mm fans and radiators up to 280mm. The panels are curved for a reason and that reason is to help maximize cable space while minimizing the footprint. The window is large enough to display the nice build but the window its self is not resilient enough so be careful. The case has a ventilated shroud that allows air circulation while hiding all those nasty cables. The shroud has a cutout where people can mount radiators. Oddly enough, this case does not have rubber grommets. In place of that, it has a metal bar to route and support the frame of the case. Sadly, users can not install anything on the side of wall if it is larger than a SSD. Behind the right wall, HDDs can be mounted there. There is also a fan hub which is quite necessary.

Overall, this case is ok as it is close to a mid tower and is more expensive than a H440. Another problem is cutouts. The cutout were not all in the right places so cable management is a hassle.


Buy the NZXT Manta from NCIX CA

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