Oakley Radar Pace:Smart Sunglasses, Great Coach

The Oakley Radar Pace smart sunglasses is a creative fitness wearable for runners and cyclists. This smart eyewear can track speed, pace, and more. And yes, it is more like a coach that giving real-time feedback.

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Known as its sporty line of sunglasses, chain retailer Oakley also engages in apparel and accessories. However, it seems like this is the first time they released a high-tech coaching wearer.

First of all, the Oakley Radar Pace is a lightweight and comfortable sports sunglasses. It provides real-time coaching and feedback while running or biking as the biggest feature. Also, it tracks power, speed, heart rate, cadence, distance, and time. The voice command is supported by a pair of voice-activated headphone. In this case, it could be the best latest smart sports sunglasses.

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Like many fitness wearables on the market, Oakley’s new product requires an App to track and record the data, available for both iOS and Android. Data is analyzed as you run or ride. Then the app will research them and make real-time coaching to improve your performance.


At $449.00 (MSRP), it is absolutely an expensive wearer. Even Oakley’s smart sunglasses is an outstanding real-time coaching product, I believe only fewer people would pay its price.


All in all, the Oakley Radar Pace is a great smart sunglasses that delivers real-time fitness coaching. However, price could be the main disadvantage because it is not a normal level price for sports wearable.


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