Oculus Connect 3 Low Down, Cheap VR PCs, Samsung Acquires Viv

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The Oculus Connect 3 event happened today and there was a bunch of stuff announced. Let’s go over some of those now. First up Facebooks’ Mark Zuckerberg demoed a new social VR experience  where you can hang out with VR avatars of friends and do things like play cards, chess, watch videos, visit places, take VR group selfies and even take video facebook calls within VR. Zuckerberg briefly demoed a standalone VR headset prototype that they have been working on. Its still really early in its development, but what was shown looked like it has potential.

Also mentioned was the new lower minimum requirements for VR on the Oculus platform. Now you can use a GTX 960, intel i3 or amd  fx4350 cpu, 8gb of ram, windows 8 or newer. This also means that some entry level VR PCs will start at about $499.

In terms of hardware, the Oculus touch was confirmed at a MSRP of $199 and will be shipping out on Dec. 6th. Pre orders start October 10th. The touch controllers will also support room scale and extra sensors will be available for $79. Oculus also unveiled new in ear rift headphones for $49. They claim that they compared them to a pair of $900 earbuds and that they sounded the same. Thats kind of hard to believe but we’ll see about that when those ship also in December.

In non VR news, Samsung has acquired Viv Labs. Now for those of you who aren’t aware, Viv labs are the ones behind the development of Siri, you know, Apples AI assistant. Now obviously Samsung made this move to help them compete with Siri, Cortana and Google assistant since there is no AI currently present on Galaxy phones. Viv Labs will still continue to operate independently but will not closely work with Samsung Mobile. Whats interesting to note is that Viv’s software could end up on home gadgets like TVs or even appliances, not just smartphones.

Now its time for snippy snippets!

Microsoft accidentally confirms rumours of ending support for its Lumia phones with a notification posted on their device registration website.

Multiple users are reporting that their brand new iphones are glitched. Apparently the new phones are tied to another apple id account with activation lock enabled rendering the phones impossible to use. Well, at least they aren’t exploding… right Jack? Too soon julia! Too soon!

Gamers are now aware that Overwatch is getting a halloween themed event complete with halloween themed loot boxes all thanks to a leak on the Xbox Store.

Speaking of Overwatch, director Jeff Kaplan revealed that at least 2 new characters are now being playtested, along with a new map and a few new concept game modes. Maybe one of the characters will be Sombra.

And Enermax has announced a new series of power supplies that feature dual fans. Its called the Revolution DUO series and they come in 500w, 600w, and 700w capacities.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.




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