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Yesterday good ol Keys covered the Skylake X leak from And now today, Intel officially announced the X-series. The new Intel core X series of processors uses the new X299 platform which has a wider range and greater complexity that the X99 platform that it replaces. Intel’s high-end desktop platform starts on the low-end with Kaby Lake X CPUs: the i5 7640X at 242$ and the i7 7740X @$339. On the higher end of the x series comes SkyLake x. That starts with the i7 7800X at $389. From there it goes all the way to the intel core i9 7980 XE 18 core CPU which will retail for $1999. All of these X series chips with be socket LGA 2066, have up to 44 pcie lanes, have updated turbo boost max technology 3.0 and will Intel Optane ready. Oh, and Intel says that these 8th gen chips are 30% faster than the 7th gen chips. Man, I thought a quad core processor was good enough so many years ago, now there’s 6 8 10 12 14 16 and 18 cores. I just wanna know how many cores is TOO many cores.


The day has finally arrived, Andy Rubin, the creator of Android unveiled the first smartphone from his company named Essential. The essential phone or “ph-1” is a high end no compromise top of the line smartphone. The ph1 has a titanium body, with a ceramic back, and gorilla glass 5 front cover. It’s only 7.8mm thick, the screen is 5.71 inches with rounded corners, it has 4 microphones with noise cancellation, a rear 13mp dual RGB and mono camera. A front 8mp camera, both front and back cameras are capable of recording 4k at 30fps. The battery capacity is 3040mAh and can be fast charged via USB type c. it sports a Snapdragon 835 CPU, Adreno 540 GPU, 4gb of ram 128gb of storage, fingerprint reader and it has 2 accessory power pins on the back for attachments like a 360 camera. It comes in 4 colors and the MSRP is $699. Wow. that is quite a feature packed phone. Except you can’t really call it the essential phone if you done have a headphone port. But they do offer an included headphone adapter… which is what I like to call “pulling an Apple” What do you guys think about the Essential phone?  Leave a comment.


Nvidia made a big announcement at computex and it’s called Max-Q. What is Max Q? It’s a new design that’s coming to laptops that are both 3 times thinner and 3 times more powerful than their predecessors. Max q design allows new laptops to be just 18mm thin and weigh only 5 pounds compared to the laptops of yester year being 51 mm thick and 10 pounds heavy.  Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO,  showed off an Asus zephyrs.on stage. He says that this particular Max q design based laptop is 60% faster than a ps4 pro console. Max q design laptops will also include a whispermode  which intelligently paces a games frame rate while at the same time configure graphic settings for optimal power efficiency and allow for quiter gaming. All GeForce GTX 10 series laptops build with the max q guidelines will include GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 level GPUs inside. These laptops are said to even outpace the thinness of the Razer blade and will be just as powerful as the blade pro. The new laptops with max q design begin to roll out June 27th with no mention of pricing just yet.


It’s time for Lightning round bem bem bem


Asus has a new bigger gaming monitor called the ROG Swift PG35VQ. It’s a curved 35-inch quantum dot, 3440 by 1440, hdr, gsync and a 200Hz refresh rate.


Speaking of Asus, they also announced the worlds first Ryzen powered notebook the ROG Stric G702ZC.


Dell announced a new gaming tower under their Inspiron line. The Inspiron gaming desktop starts at $599, can be configured with AMD CPUs and GPUs and has options for both Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux as OS options. To be honest, when I think of Dell Inspiron, I don’t really think of gaming grade desktops.


Acer announced a max q design laptop the predator triton 700 and a new ultrawide gaming monitor, the Predator Z35P


EK waterblocks announced new custom watercooling loop kits at computex that are priced at a wallet-friendly $150 and up called Fluid Gaming.


And Google a running a contest for building cool Google Home and assistant apps. If you win the contest you get tickets to Google io 2018,  a trip to the Google headquarters oh and ten thousand dollars. But that’s just the grand prize, there are also 20 other prizes to be won.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.




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