One Million Subscribers, Bidders for Vine, Tesla Teams up with German Automation

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Top tech news today. A Canadian tech channel named NCIXcom recently discovered that they hit one million subscribers. In the words of Lil’ Wayne. A milli amilli a milli a milli a milli. A big shout out to you, the subscribers, if not for your guys, we would not be here. It was a journey that started over 9 years ago. Wow. One million subscribers. We’ve uploaded over 1800 videos amassing over 195 million views. We’ve worked in 4 different buildings and recorded on 8 different sets. Although half of those sets looks the same.  You guys have watched an estimated 604 million minutes of content. That’s almost 1150 years worth. We just want to say thank you. We will be doing a one million video it’s not quite ready, and we have some other things up our sleeves. So from all of us here at the 4th ever Netlinked set. Thank you.

Looks like Vine might survive after all. Sources over at Techcrunch are saying that since the announcement from Twitter announcing the end of Vine, multiple bids have been received from different companies offering to buy Vine. While Techcrunch can’t confirm any names of the companies, a large number of the bids are coming from Asia. Apparently at the time of writing, the pool of bidders is about 5. Originally Twitter bought vine for $30million and it looks like they won’t be making that money back as some bids are coming in as low as 10 million. What do you guys think? Will selling Vine to another company save the platform? Do you wish Vine would die already? Let us know down below.

Tesla is set to acquire a German firm called Grohmann Engineering. The firm is known for automated manufacturing. With this acquisition, Tesla looks to add 1000 engineering and technician jobs in Germany and be able to aggressively ramp up electric vehicle production at its Californian factory.  Elon Musk said on a call that automation is a vital part of the future of Tesla. Tesla plans to increase production from around 80000 cars in 2016 to about 500000 cars in 2018. The deal is expected to by early 2017.

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Thanks Erik for that one million subscribers/lightning round submission. If you have a lightning round submission don’t be shy! Tweet at me

Last week, Google revealed a critical Windows vulnerability. And today, Microsoft has patched it. the fix is contained in today’s release of monthly security patches.

Nintendo announced that there will be a new 3DS system selling for $100 USD on black Friday. I still don’t have a 3DS but for $100… i might just reconsider getting one.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the ever popular Raspberry Pi, check out the quad core Orange PI PC 2 for $20 USD. Wait… is actual orange pie a thing? Like there’s lemon merangue… and key lime pie… but I don’t think I’ve seen an orange pie before…

Google announced the launch of the Tokyo region of its cloud computing platform today. Having a local data center in Japan means a decrease in latency.

InWin and Nvidia have teamed up to make a limited edition Inwin 303 case. The case is available now for roughly 120pounds.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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