OnePlus 3T, China spies on cheap Android phones, Google Photoscan

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Oneplus has officially announced their next smartphone… the Oneplus 3T. The case and design of the phone look exactly the same, so it’s mainly just the specs that have changed. The 3T now has a snapdragon 821 chip and the battery has gone from 3000mah to 3400mah. But that’s not all, the rear camera now features a sapphire lens and the selfie camera gets a big upgrade from 8mp to 16megapixels on the 3T. Everything else like ram, storage options, screen size are all the same. The 3T will be available on November 22nd at $439 US, a $40 increase, and will have “gunmetal” and “soft gold” as colour options. The only question left now is… what does the T stand for? Turbo?

Uh oh, looks like that amazon exclusive Blu R1 HD smartphone and a few other budget smartphones have a hidden feature that users weren’t aware of. Kyrptowire, an American enterprise security firm, has discovered that there’s some tracking software installed on these phones. The software monitors: calling activities, a phone’s location and even transmits entire text messages and contact lists to China. Kyrptowire’s research shows that the software sends full message archives to a chinese server every 72 hours. What the data collection is used for is still unknown. Reports are saying 120,000 phones from Blu Products were running the software but Blue says it has been removed. The company behind the software, Shanghai AdUps Technology Company says its software is present on 700 million, low-end android handsets. Note to self, don’t ever buy a cheap android phone.

Google has just announced the newest way to save your precious photographs with Photoscan. It’s basically a quick and easy way to scan your physical photographs with just your smartphone, no scanner required. All you do is point the smart phone at the picture on 4 different points and the app automatically creates a digital scan of the photo. And its nots a picture of a picture either. Photoscan has automatic edge detection, perspective correction and smart rotation. Furthermore, Photoscan will work in conjunction with Google photos to keeps things organized by face or place. This is great! Now I don’t dig out our old scanner to digitize photos for my mom.

It’s time for snippy snippets!

This december, super mario run will be coming to iOS on the iphone and ipad for $10. Hmmm, $10 seems a bit much… how about $5?

Hyundai cars will now be able to use Amazon’s Alexa thanks to the car-maker integrating it into its Blue Link connected car app.

The MSI Trident looks to be the smallest VR ready gaming PC with just an internal volume of 4.7 liters.

Speaking of small PC’s HP unveils the industry’s first mini workstation PC designed for users in CAD. It’s called the HP Z2 Mini and starts at $699 US with a xeon quad core CPU and NVIDIA graphics.

And rumors are saying that Apple is preparing to make its own Google Glass competitor. Maybe apple’s version will be able to outlast Google’s…

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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