Opera has built-in adblock, IBM’s public quantum computer, Adblock Plus pays websites

Ah, I see you’ve found Netlinked Daily. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. If by scum and villainy, you mean Tech News. I would say this is going to be the best episode yet, but… only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Alright, one more. “That’s no moon. It’s a very mean brother”.


IBM is bringing quantum computing to the public. The company has unveiled a quantum computer with 5 qubits, each of which can hold a value of 1 or 0 simultaneously, unlike traditional “bits” which can only hold one of those values at a time. Through IBM’s new program, anyone can use the computer, which is located in New York, through an online interface. Well, anyone who has at least SOME knowledge of quantum computing, that is – it will primarily be used by researchers to test their work. But, let’s be serious – this is also a way for IBM to get street cred in the quantum computing world. Cuz… quantum street cred is a thing.


A lot of people use Google Chrome as a browser, but Opera’s new features might entice you to switch. The desktop and Android versions of the browser just got an integrated ad-blocking feature, which apparently speeds up loading webpages by 40% and cuts way down on memory usage. This version also has a pop-out video player for Youtube, which I have to try out, and could also be launching a built-in VPN feature soon. Well, Opera, these seem like very sensible choices, so just want to let you know, I appreciate you. Thanks.


Speaking of Ad-blocking, Adblock Plus is having a bit of a crisis of conscience over all the ad money that they’re preventing publishers from collecting. So they’ve announced a partnership with Flattr, a service that lets users donate money, which is then split among sites they frequently visit. Together, the two companies are launching Flattr Plus, a system that will basically combine their services: blocking ads, and paying publishers proportionately according to time spent browsing. Oh, and of course Adblock Plus and Flattr will take a 10 percent cut of the proceeds. The whole thing seems like a win/win for users who hate seeing ads everywhere but still want to support publishers..


It’s time for short news stories said more quickly than the others!


Hulu has announced it will offer live TV next year, furthering the transformation of streaming services into just… regular TV. This is what TV is going to be now.

Titanfall developer Respawn has apparently been working on a new action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe for the past two years, but no details other than that yet.

A company called ParaZero has introduced SafeAir, a parachute system for drones. I don’t think this surprises anyone. Very sensible.

Microsoft Research has developed a way to trick VR users into thinking they’re playing with a bunch of different Minecraft blocks, when really there’s only one! Psh. They’re so dumb.

AMD is clearing up confusion about what refresh rates FreeSync actually works at, so they’ve updated the FreeSync site with Range specifications for certified displays. Nice!

AMD also launched the affordable Radeon R3 series of SSDs, and when I say affordable, I mean affordable! (awkward pause)

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.





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