Opera built-in VPN, Sega Genesis on Steam, Cherry MX Speed Switch

Norwegian company Opera software has now incorporated a built in VPN client for their browser, Opera. Opera is now the first browser to do this and hopefully this will start a trend.  Users of Opera can choose between VPN servers in the US, Canada and Germany but unlike most VPN clients, Opera redirects browser traffic through its company’s server. The version of Opera with the built in VPN is only available right now through the developer/alpha channel. And depending on what sort of feedback they get from users, they will be able to estimate when a stable version will be ready.  The feature is currently only available on desktop only but plans for a mobile version is in the works. What do you guys think? Will you switch over to Opera as your daily browser? Leave a comment.


Sega Europe announced the Sega Mega drive hub. What is the mega drive hub? Basically it is a sega genesis emulator. And it’s coming to steam next week on April 28th. The hub is a 3D recreation of an early 90’s bedroom with a CRT tv and a shelf full of sega 16 bit games. Sega says that anyone who owns a Genesis game on steam will get the hub for free. Sega also says that they will be bringing steam workshop support to genesis games as well. Could you imagine if Sega did this for DreamCast? Jack might have a heart attack. Me too.


Cherry introduced a new mechanical switch today. It’s the MX Speed.  Now for those of you wondering what colour this will be, the MX speed will be a silver switch. The switch will have an actuation point of 1.2mm and a low activation force of 45 centi-newtons. The Silver will be similar to red and black switches meaning that there won’t be a tactile bump. Cherry claims that the MX Speed is mainly meant for gamers. Corsair will be the first to use the silver switches as part of a 6 month exclusive agreement.


It’s time for snippy snippets


Sony’s next Xperia flagship phone, the X premium, will come with an HDR display. The display is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colours as opposed to the standard 16.8 million colours on other displays.


During an event in New York, Acer revealed a new predator G1 desktop pc, a predator 17x laptop and a predator z1 curved monitor. Spoiler alert, they’re all expensive.


The latest windows 10 mobile insider preview will let you send and receive text messages from a windows 10 PC through the app called “messaging everywhere”


VLC looks to be coming to the Xbox One sometime this summer.


The kickstarter campaign for the Ossic X 3D audio headphones has ended. And it is now the most successful VR related product campaign to date, beating out the Oculus Rift.


Elon Musk might be working on a self driving bus as a way to help with inner city traffic congestion.


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