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Looks like Google will be planning to merge YouTube Red and Google play music together. During a conference in New York, Youtube’s head of music, Lyor Cohen, stated that the merging of the 2 services will help educate consumers and bring in new subscribers.  The merger has been spinning in the rumour mill for months after Google merged the teams for the 2 streaming services earlier this year.  Sources say that Google will provide plenty of notice before any changes are made. Cohen also noted that he wanted to collab more directly with music labels and rights holders. Merging the two services seems kind of obvious since paying for one subscription service gives you access to the other one for free. Meanwhile, in Canada, we still don’t have YouTube Red… so Google, think about fixing that first please. Thanks.


In a blog post, Blizzard revealed more details about Overwatch League and how players will be chosen and how they will be paid. To help Team owners assemble their teams, Blizzard has compiled a stats based scouting report. This report will help teams discover and measure pro players while keeping the playing field fair. As for how players on Overwatch League teams will be paid, the minimum salary for players is fifty thousand dollars per year, guaranteed. Players will also get health insurance and a retirement savings plan free as well. On top of that, teams will provide players with housing and practise facilities during the season. Man, that’s not too shabby for people who wanna just game for a living.


During China’s largest video game conference, Chinajoy, HTC Vive announced a standalone VR head mounted display that’s powered by the Snapdragon 835. This new hMD is only available for the Chinese market. HTC Vive didn’t reveal many details about the new headset but they did release a picture of the silhouette of the headset. The headset appears to have a rigid head strap with some padding on the top strap. HTC also mentioned that content for this standalone headset would be available through Viveport. No word on when the headset would launch in China.


It’s time… for snippy snippets.


Tesla will be delivering their first 30 Model 3 electric cars to customers tomorrow night and it will be livestreamed, starting at 8:45 pm Pacific time.


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is officially the richest man on the planet, surpassing Bill Gates with an estimated net worth of 92.3 billion dollars. DAYYYYYYUM. But that photoshop of Jeff with Vin diesel and the rock is HILARIOUS


Google is killing off their instant search feature that’s been around since 2010.


Starting today, AMD’s wraith Max coolers will be available on store shelves. Previously you could only get wraith max coolers with pre built systems from AMD partners.


And apple just discontinued the iPod shuffle and iPod nano, leaving just the iPod touch as the lone survivor of the iPod family.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.





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