Pascal GPU Short Supply, Samsung Flip Phone, Rise Of Iron Patch Surprise

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This might not come as a surprise to some but Pascal GPU supplies are super tight. According to Digitimes, the cause of the tight supply is because of the strong public demand for the GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 cards. That and companies like Asus, Gigabyte, Msi and Colorful, are all snatching up the gpus as soon as they leave the foundries in which they are made at. And with the early rumblings that the GTX 1050 is set to arrive later this month, Nvidia GPUs will definitely be harder to find this quarter.


Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Folder 2. And it currently can only be found in China. The clam shell phone have a 3.8inch display, a snapdragon 425 chipset with a 1.4ghz cpu, 2 gb of ram, 16gb of storage with microsd expansion, a 8mp main camera with led flash and 5mp selfie camera, a 1950 mah battery and its all running android marshmallow.  I’ll be honest, i do miss flip phones. If the galaxy folder 2 comes to north america, i might get one… as long as it doesn’t explode.


Yesterday there was a Destiny update patch. The patch was first thought to lay down the ground work for the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. But it turns out there was more. Guardians are able to decrypt engrams past the current light level of 335. On top of that, according to eurogamer, one of the new exotic sidearms that is set to be introduced by the expansion is now obtainable by all players. Its called the Trespasser and  it supposed to be the most powerful sidearm added to the game so far. Other changes include updated quest screens and improved rewards for public events. Ign also has the new achievements for the upcoming game posted, if you want to check those out. Rise of Iron comes out 2am on September 20 and the new raid, wrath of the machines is available on the 23rd.


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For those of you who missed it, Rocket Leagues rumble mode is out now and both mac and linux platforms get a beta version of the game.


Qualcomm has announced a successor to their mid range snapdragon 652 chipset, the Snapdragon 653.


Microsoft might be launching a surface all in one PC codenamed cardinal and may come in 3 different screen sizes. The product is meant to turn your desk into a studio.


Our good friends at Crunchyroll announced yesterday that they are partnered up with Funimation to bring us even more series to watch on the streaming service. I can’t wait to re-watch Cowboy Bebop.


7 U.S esports teams formed a new group called the Professional Esports association. They plan to launch a CS GO league next year.


And a new imaging system that uses algorithms and terahertz radiation can read the first nine pages of a closed book. Im pretty sure i can do the same.. I just gotta stare really hard at it…


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.

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