Pascal Shroud 2.0, Playstation NEO, YouTube 360 Live Stream

Alright time to get this one out of the way first. More leaked images of the next Pascal gpus have appeared online. PASCALLLLLL!!! *clears throat*. A user on the Chinese website baidu posted a new photo of a more complete cooling shroud for the GTX 1080. Its painted in the usual silver and black, has the blower fan and plastic cover as well. noted that this is definitely not a modded shourd for a Maxwell card simply becuz the screws do not line up with previous designs. The GTX 1000 series is said to launch at Computex in June.  Im not actually too sure how to feel about the more aggressive angular design of this pascal shroud. What do you think? Leave a comment.


Website Giant Bomb has received multiple confirmations from sources about the details of the upgraded version of the PS4 aka the PS4K. Well first off we can stop calling it that because internally the project is referred to NEO. Second, the Neo will get a higher clock speed cpu, an improved AMD gpu and higher bandwidth ram. The NEO will also support 4K image output but games wont be required to be be 4K native. And starting in October, every ps4 game will be required to ship with a base mode and a Neo mode. Seems like Sony doesn’t want to divide its users into 2 separate groups which is kinda cool. Hopefully more details to come!


In Youtube news, Youtube has introduced 360 degree live streaming.. Some of you may remember that 360 degree video first launched last year in March. Now Coachella will be one of the first events to get the live VR video streaming experience which ends this Sunday. Youtube also announced spatial audio. This audio was recorded to match 360 degree videos for more depth, distance and intensity during the experience. Personally, I very rarely move the camera during 360 degree videos  but with the spatial audio, maybe i’ll try it out more.


Its time for

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Google play music has now added podcasts for users to stream on Android with iOS support coming later.


Razer has finally released the Turret lapboard they announced last year at CES 2015. It now ships for $160 US.


Apple just refreshed their Macbook lineup, with new cpus, new graphics chip and faster memory. They’ve also added a rose gold option.


Speaking of Apple, its reported that they hired Tesla’s former VP of engineering who is taksked with “special projects” *cough* iCAR *cough*


And finally WD introduced WD Gold hdds for datacenters. These hard drives have capacities up to 8 TB.


Sources for all of todays news stories can be found in the ncix forum post link in the description.



Öl smakar kladdkaka i Lappland i Lappland

Ell smacker kladd cockay e lap land e lap land

I apologize to you Joel for butchering the swedish language.


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