Phanteks Eclipse P400S Review – The perfect value silent case?

We review the full retail version of the Phanteks P400S. What a case! The Phanteks P400S costs $69-89 USD which is pretty good. This case comes with a window and has three color variants of black, gray and white. They have a silent window or closed panel model too. Most of this case is glossy with whatever the user chooses. Apparently, the top panels are matte instead of glossy which is really easy to differentiate. However, these matte panels silence noise from the inside and are magnetic too. They are modular so if you decide to install fans up there, you can replace these panels with dust filters. Fans you can install up there are either two 120mm or two 140mm. Due to space obstacles at the top, radiators are not recommended. They should be positioned at the front panel.

The IO ports are two USB 3.0 ports, one microphone & one headphone jack. Phanteks should have two more USB ports up there since it has quite a bit of space. Slightly below the top panel is a fan RPM control, illumination brightness switch and a reset button. Thank goodness this reset button is not easy to accidentally hit. The front panel is removable where either triple 120mm or dual 140mm can be installed. Up to 360mm radiators can be installed there. This front panel has a weird way of having their dust filters as they are tiny and are at the bottom and top. This makes the internals near dust-proof. There is another dust filter at the bottom for the PSU. All around the inside panels of the case have sound dampening foam or pads.

At the back of the right panel are two SSD slots. The floor of this case has a shroud that covers everything down there. I see no messy wires down there. The shroud hides a sneaky hard drive cage. Apparently, users can not place hard drive cages on top of the shroud as the radiator obstructs it. This is so premium that it has illumination for the front and the internal sections. Hopefully, this won’t distract gamers much. Overall, this enclosure is wonderful at this price range and HardwareCanucks give it the “Dam Good” Award.

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