Polaris 10: 980 Ti performance, Nvidia GP104 details, Play Store on Chromebooks

Whaaaaat! A photo of Nvidia’s GP104 chip hit the internet, no way! This is actually the second photo to leak of the chip, but this time we got a clearer look, and it looks like this is the fully enabled version of the chip. Looks like the rumors were right, there is no HBM here – the standard memory interface and modules are visible, and while some outlets are saying it’s GDDR5X, it could be regular GDDR5, we don’t know. Videocardz.com has also cross-referenced the image with existing PCBs, and they claim that the chip pictured is from an MSI card. So… take from that what you will… which is that… MSI needs to keep a closer eye on their workers. I dono.


Chromebooks are about to get a whole lot more useful, as it looks like Google is gearing up to bring the Android Play Store to Chrome OS. A user in the Chrome OS subreddit discovered a hidden settings option appear, then disappear, which read “enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook”. Then another user brought up a dialog box that pretty much confirms that it’s happening. Chrome OS by itself is pretty much nothing more than a vehicle for the web browser, so the addition of the entire realm of Android apps should make Chromebooks significantly more appealing. Hopefully we hear more about this when Google holds their I/O conference next month.


And AMD has been in the news a lot recently, so we’ve got a couple things to recap – first off, AMD’s super special water-cooled Project Quantum PC that they revealed last summer may not be dead in the water as previously thought – it’s simply postponed. According to a new report, AMD is apparently waiting for the right time to release it, possibly with a Vega GPU and a Zen CPU, since the prototype model contained an Intel CPU. Now the other AMD news is that although AMD has said the Polaris 10 GPU is a “mainstream” product, so, not a flagship, it will reportedly still get around 980 ti level performance, if a 3DMark Firestrike Ultra benchmark is to be believed. Alright. I think that’s enough rumors, I just want to know the real thing now. Hopefully, this all gets resolved in June, when both AMD AND Nvidia are expected to launch their new GPUs in some capacity.


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Forget fingerprints, your skull is the new biometric of the month, as researchers in Germany were able to identify users by the way their skull responded to an ultrasonic hum emitted by a Google Glass unit. Great! So… this would have been way cooler back when Google Glass.. Was also cool.

AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo is launching tomorrow, if the internet is to be believed, so EK Waterblocks went ahead and launched a custom waterblock for the dual GPU card. So nice of them.

John Romero, aka Nerdy Gandalf, has launched a Kickstarter along with fellow Id Software founder Adrian Carmack for Blackroom, an FPS that will pay homage to classics like Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. Problem is, they only have some concept art to go on right now. But come on! If he can grow his hair that long, he can do anything.

Zotac made a special backpack to carry one of their VR-capable Z-box machines, so you can use room-scale VR without a long tether. Looks cool, if the battery lasts.

And Valve has partnered with Lionsgate to bring more than 100 of the studio’s movies to Steam as streaming rentals. Steam, I don’t even know what you are anymore.

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