Preview: Android phone 2015 Fall Release

So this coming fall, we will see many new Android phones

Here is a list of what we already know (source from PCworld)

1. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 5 (This will be fully load with all latest stuff)

galaxy note 4 actually


2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (This will be the NOTE size S6 Edge for people who complaining about the “small” size )

3. OnePlus Two (My personal Favorite)

oneplusone 9226


4. The 3rd gen. of Moto X (Bamboo back-plate FTW )

Moto X


5. Something from Sony



6. The next Nexus Phone (Will it be a Huawei?)

Google Nexus 6


7. HTC One M9+

8.  Blackberry Venice (YES!!!! Blackberry running Android!!! Finally!!)


And there are rumors about LG’s new G4 Pro which may come out later this year too. However, there is no confirmed news yet on this one.

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