Project Scorpio demo, Reddit losing CSS, Fitbit Flex 2 explodes

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Xbox’s Project Scorpio is expected to be a nice upgrade from the Xbox One and according to new screenshots from a private Microsoft event, we can see just how much of an upgrade it’s going to be. Windows Central got some screenshots from the Project Scorpio at 4K & 1080, as well as 1080 on the Xbox One. These screenshots aren’t from real games, but just tech demos to demonstrate the difference you’ll see between the consoles. The first image is a steampunk scientist in her lab, apparently. The left image is 1080 on Xbox One and the right is 4K on Project Scorpio. You can pretty easily see the upgrade in detail from the One to Scorpio. But thanks to the fancier GPU, you can see from these images that even the Project Scorpio’s 1080 resolution is significantly better than 1080 on the Xbox One. That’s the image in the middle by the way. The second screenshot is of a ladybug, rendered to 4K with Xbox One assets on the left and the right is Project Scorpio’s 4K image with enhancements. As you can see, it looks a bit less cartoony,  and includes more texture on the eyes and the hairs on its legs. So, if we can rely on these screenshots, 4K is looking real nice on the Project Scorpio, and even 1080 is looking real crisp!


And in people are angry at Reddit news, people are angry at Reddit for taking away CSS, or cascading style sheets, from subreddit communities. CSS allows moderators to make changes to the banner, images, fonts, icons, and other parts of the interface in a subreddit. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman says that it’s fairly difficult to learn and it doesn’t even translate to mobile where most users come from, so it’s just slowing the company down. They believe that ditching CSS will allow the company to improve things more regularly and will allow for better functionality. But according to a survey that’s gotten over 700 responses, 84 percent say that dumping CSS is unacceptable. Apparently, it will begin to be replaced by sidebars with widgets where you can spice up your subreddit. But, Huffman said in response to some angry redditors that maybe this plan will screw up and they’ll leave it the way it is. Are some of you Reddit people? Is this a big deal or could you care less? Let us know in the comments below.


Next on the list of electronic devices is exploding is the Fibit Flex 2. Yes, indeed. Yesterday, a woman from Wisconsin was sitting comfortably at home, reading a book, when the Fitbit Flex 2 on her wrist exploded, causing second-degree burns. She tore off the device as it was still on fire and had to have melted plastic and rubber removed from her arm by doctors. This is an isolated incident, so Fitbit has responded, apologetic and said they are investigating exactly what went wrong. But it’s not all bad for Fitbit. In other news, it’s been revealed that a Fitbit device has helped solve the murder of a woman in 2015. A man in Connecticut said that someone broke into his house and made his wife go downstairs, where he shot her. But the timeline that the husband gave for his story doesn’t line up because the wife’s fitbit tracker showed that she was at the gym at the time when he says she was murdered. The Fitbit, along with security camera footage from the gym and her social media posts have helped incriminate the husband. So, Fitbit serving up justice! You gotta weigh the pros and cons. Yes, it could explode, but it could else help police find your murderer. And I’m sorry, that’s a pretty dark joke…let’s move on.


It’s time for Shorter News Stories said more Quickly than the Others


Google has updated the list of Android compatible Chromebooks, listing around 90 new devices. Devices will have various stages of compatibility though and the release for compatability varies as well. You can see the whole list of devices linked down below.


Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale in South Korea in June for equivalent to $620 US, which is around $250 cheaper than the original price. It will have a 3,200 mAh battery instead of the 3,500 one. Ya really just can’t move eh Samsung? IT’S GOOD THIS TIME! I SWEAR!


During a livestream today, it was revealed that Call of Duty: WWII will be available on November 3rd on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. There’s also a trailer and it looks super cool. Ima fan of the World War 2 games. I’m excited for this one.


The first 4K livestream took place from space today. Astronaut Peggy Whitson played floating water balls and talked to Amazon Web Services and NASA as well as tech industry people about the effects that imaging and cloud technology have on both science and movie-making.


There’s a new Amazon Echo called Echo Look that will take photos and videos of you, responding to your voice. So, you can say, “Alexa, take a photo.” It also includes ‘Style Check’ and gives you a an opinion from style professionals, with the help of machine learning. It will also create a lookbook for you, showing the outfits you’ve worn. Alexa, how do I look? You look homeless.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.

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