PSVR on Xbox One, AMD drops Gaming Evolved app, RX 485 / 475 /465

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Numerous gaming outlets are reporting that the Playstation VR headset can also be used with an Xbox One, a Wii U, or really anything with an HDMI port. Now, I’ll curb your enthusiasm right off the bat – it can’t be used for VR experiences on anything other than the PS4. It uses the PSVR’s cinema mode to emulate a theatre-sized screen within the headset, sort of like SteamVR’s Theatre mode. You also still need to connect the PSVR’s processing box to a PS4 via USB, in order for it to accept HDMI signals. So could smart people potentially reverse-engineer the PSVR to run full-on VR experiences from a PC? Yes. Potentially. But don’t get your hopes up. We’ve all been burned by VR before. It’s too painful.

AMD has dropped support for the Raptr Gaming Evolved app that it has bundled with its driver software since 2013. The app was initially used as a competitor to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, offering the ability to automatically download new drivers, optimize in-game graphics settings, and record and share game footage. AMD’s own Radeon Software includes automatic driver updates and the ability to set default in-game graphics options, but the move means Radeon owners will have to find their own solution for game recording or graphics optimization. Which isn’t that hard, to be fair. OR, AMD could be adding those features to Radeon Software soon! Who can tell? I can’t. I’m just a lowly Youtube talky guy.

AMD could be shipping improved versions of its RX 460, 470, and 480 GPUs, if WCCFTech’s insider sources are to be believed. The Polaris 10 and 11 GPUs that power those cards are reportedly getting a new revision that adds 50% more performance per watt. This report is based on the fact that AMD released embedded GPUs last month, the Radeon E9550 and E9260, which are essentially more power efficient versions of the RX 480 and 460. So it stands to reason that they would us that extra efficiency to squeeze a bit more performance out to make desktop versions like the RX 485, 475 and 465, but, we’ll have to wait and see, as is the case… always.

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Snapchat turned down a 3 billion dollar buyout from Facebook a few years ago, and it’s a good thing, because they’re now being valued at 25 billion ahead of their potential IPO.

The Vensmile K8 is a 200 dollar mini PC with a touchpad and a rubber roll-up keyboard if you’re looking for something to make people question your life choices.

Google is planning to show desktop and mobile users different search results based on their platform, specifically, mobile users will get more recent results. … I think that’s discrimination.

Speaking of Google, they also announced the addition of group plans to the Project Fi wireless service, as well as signup discounts on its Nexus phones, which are sooo old now, I don’t even know if you’d want them.

And Samsung is offering Galaxy Note 7 users 100 bucks toward another Samsung phone when they return their explodey devices, so they don’t go for another manufacturer. Unfortunately ‘but it   was just the ONE explodey phone, the rest are fine’ rings kind of hollow.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


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