Radeon Crimson ReLive, Bluetooth 5, All-Screen Samsung Galaxy S8

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Today, AMD has released their latest software and it’s the Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition. Basically, ReLive replaces the old Raptr software and brings a new option for gamers, streamers and professional alike to capture or stream gaming content. The new software also boosts performance in some select titles. Another feature of Crimson ReLive is Radeon Chill.

Radeon Chill is a way of reducing the power limit for the CPU and GPU when there is low user interaction or little action on screen. This slows things down and allows for the CPU and GPU to cool down. When Chill detects more action, the power limit is brought back up. With Radeon Chill on, there can be up to 30% of power savings. ReLive also brings other features like Freesync for borderless full-screen mode and display diagnostics to tell you that you may have a bad HDMI cable connected to your video card. The ReLive drivers are available to download from AMD today.

More details about the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Samsung are popping up. Sources say that the next flagship will include a new “all-screen design” and that there will be no physical home button. Samsung will instead be embedding the home button underneath the display. Other sources say that the wrap around displays will only use organic light-emitting diode technology. I’m not sure how different that will be since Samsung already uses super AMOLED displays. But the S8 is definitely shaping up to be an interesting flagship.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced the new specs for the next standard of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5. Devices with Bluetooth 5 can expect 4 times longer range to keep you connected and 2-times the speed. The broadcast capability is 8 times greater than Bluetooth 4.2. Sources say that Bluetooth 5 will begin shipping in devices in 2 to 6 months, meaning devices for 2017 will be that much better.

It’s time for snippy snippets

The faraday future electric car appears that it may ditch traditional side mirrors for cameras instead if the new images of the vehicle are to be believed.

Google is once again shrinking the size of app updates by using the file by file patching technique.  Apparently, this will reduce daily data usage by an average of 6 petabytes. Heck yeah! Using less data for the win!

Microsoft has finally closed its deal on the acquisition of LinkedIn. Microsoft apparently paid 26.2 billion dollars.

The Nintendo Switch made its late night TV debut on the tonight show. If you want to watch Jimmy Fallon freak out over playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild, we’ll have the link down below.

And it’s official, about 7,800 Starbucks across the US are now either a poke stop or a Gym for people still playing Pokemon GO.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.



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