Radeon Pro Duo Launched, OnePlus 3 w/ 6GB, Nokia buys Withings

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It has finally launched! The Radeon Pro Duo graphics card. For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what the Pro Duo is, here’s a brief summary.  Its pretty much 2 fiji chips on a single PCB with 4GB of HBM. To make sure the card doesnt overheat, its cooled with a closed loop water cooler. The card has 3 full sized displayport connectors and one full sized hdmi. For power it needs 3 8 pin pcie connectors. AMD is saying that this card is targeted towards VR developers. With that in mind, you can still play regular games with it, but you should probably save your money on something else. Like i mentioned earlier, the Pro Duo launches today at a price of $1500.


Its still a few months away but the Oneplus 3 may have been spotted on some benchmarks that were leaked under the codename Rain A3000, but there are seemingly different specs which could mean different versions of the phone. According to the geekbench results, the 3 will have 6GB of ram for one variant. FOr GFXbench, the 3 is noted to be running android 6.0.1 marshamallow with a snap dragon 820, 5 inch display, NFC, 15megapixel rear camera with a 7 megapixel camera on the front. This model was noted having 4GB of ram. Whether or not these bench results are real, a 6GB phone with NFC from Pneplus.. Yes please. What do you guys think? Leave a comment.


Nokia is looking to acquired Withings. Withings for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a French company who focuses on digital health. Withing makes things like fitness trackers, smartwatches and bluetooth thermometers. Withings would be brought into Nokias advanced technologies division. With this acquisition, Nokia hopes make a meaningful difference is peoples lives. The deal is worth roughly 191 million dollars and is expected to close early Q3 of this year.


Its time for bem bem bem bem

Thanks martin… for that …symphony of… sawn off shotguns? Muskets? I have no idea what those weapons were. Send us your versions for a chance to get featured.


Silverstone announced their new case, the Raven Z RVZ01B-E for$80. The big feature for this case is that it will take regular sized power supplies as opposed to small form factor ones.


Asus has introduced a new program called Beyond VR Ready. Basically its a list of motherboards and GPUs that Asus has tested themselves to make sure they are VR capable.


Gearbox studios has confirmed Borderlands 3 is next on their list of games to develop.


The Hover drone is a drone that has its propellers enclosed in a carbon fiber frame, making it a super finger friendly drone. Plus it can fold up into the size of a VHS tape


Microsoft has a new free 3rd party keyboard app for iOS called Word flow. Its main attraction is allowing for a one handed typing experience.


Facebook is said to be creating a snapchat like camera app. Im hoping that they’ll name it snap face…


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum linked in the description below.




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