Radeon RX 460 launch, Striker VR gun controller, iPhone 7 hardware

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AMD has launched the Radeon RX 460, and reviews are up. Looks like the general consensus is that at an MSRP of 110 bucks US, the 460 is an great choice for eSports games like League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and maybe Overwatch. The card uses a very cut down version of the Polaris GPU, but still manages to get great framerates in less demanding games, and even plays some triple A titles well, albeit at lower quality settings. It’s all part of AMD’s plan to lay low for a while, releasing budget cards while Nvidia thinks its won the high end… before sneaking into the castle in the dark of night and sliding its high end GPU into Nvidia’s back like a knife while it’s sleeping, only to discover Nvidia wears chain mail at night for protection!? And that chain main is the 1080 ti. Or something. Check our news sources in the description for some reviews, and keep your eye out for a budget build we’ll be making with it!


Hey, how about VR! Ever heard of it? Well Striker VR has, and they’ve shown off a working prototype of a cool new gun controller. The peripheral uses haptic feedback, thanks to an on-board motor, to simulate kickback from various weapons. It can recreate single, burst, and full-auto firing modes, as well as modes for special sci-fi weapons like a railgun, or a chainsaw for hacking zombies, or a cat gun. Actually that’s not confirmed, but it’s VR. Anything is possible.


And Apple hardware rumors are coming strong and fast in the lead up to September. The latest one, published in Bloomberg News, doubles down on the lack of a headphone jack and dual-camera system for the iPhone 7, but also claims the device will have a pressure-sensitive home button. Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reports their “trusted source” claims the new Macbook Pro will have a touch-sensitive OLED function bar and a touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button. So… great news for… if you like Apple… stuff..


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Rocket League’s upcoming “Rumble” update will add a mode with various power-ups, like a grappling hook, tornado, and a big ol’ boot for kicking opponents. It’ll be fun, but will it be fair? Almost certainly not.

Big-I is a creepy home robot with an even creepier promo video. Also, it can control OTHER robots in your house like a Roomba. You really want them ganging up? Zenbo was less creepy. Definitely nerdier, tho.

You can now buy drone insurance! Verifly will sell it to you for 10 bucks an hour, depending on the area. Now you don’t have to worry as much about hicks shooting down your expensive toy.

Rumors about the Playstation Neo point to Sony officially revealing the new console at an event in New York on Wednesday, September 7th.

And HP designed the Powerup backpack to hold a 22 thousand mAh battery, so it could charge your laptop and mobile devices, and it would be sooooo much better than just putting a battery pack in your regular bag. Soooo much better.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


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