Radeon RX Vega details, Raspberry PI Zero W, YouTube TV

AMD held their Capsaicin & Cream Event today and, it was a little less exciting than we hoped – there was no Vega reveal, other than the fact the upcoming GPUs will indeed be named “Radeon RX Vega” – but there were a number of intriguing announcements and demos. First off, there was a Deus Ex demo showing a 50 percent increase in FPS when using Vega’s high bandwidth cache controller feature, and another demo showing DOUBLE the hair strands being rendered using Vega’s rapid packed math feature. SO MUCH hair. AMD also announced a deal with Bethesda to implement Vulkan support in their titles. DOOM got a sizeable performance boost on AMD hardware with Vulkan, so this sounds like great news. Liquidsky, a PC game streaming platform, will also use Vega GPUs to supercharge its service, hoping to provide some big competition to Nvidia’s Geforce Now. There was some more stuff about increased support for VR specific technologies, but the real interesting bit was the announcement of Sprint Vector, a new game by the developers of Raw Data. If you’re interested in all the nitty-gritty details, make sure you hit up the news sources linked in the description.


Raspberry Pi has come out with a new computer that is even smaller than before. It’s the Raspberry Pi Zero W, the follow-up to the Raspberry Pi Zero that came out in October 2015. It’s been a year since Raspberry Pi announced their last product, the Raspberry Pi 3 and the foundation’s newest model includes wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth. It has the same specs as the original, a 1GHZ single-core Broadcom BCM2835 CPU, 512 MB of RAM, but of course, with the addition of 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The original Pi Zero will stay at $5 while this new model gets a $10 price tag for those new features.


And YouTube has just announced YouTube TV, a $35/per month subscription TV service that packages a bundle of channels from broadcast networks, including Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC as well as cable channels related to those broadcasters like ESPN and Bravo. The service will get its own app, separate from YouTube Red, and it’s expected to be mobile first, so most people would be watching from their phones, but will have the option to watch on laptops and TVs through Chromecast. YouTube boasts that this new service includes a cloud DVR with unlimited storage space, a recommendation system powered by Google AI, and that it’s a more reliable and steady platform than its competitors. The company is also hoping to start up relationships with Time Warner, maybe getting some HBO content in the future. But, of course, this is only going to be available in the US at some point this spring, we’ll see if YouTube cares about the rest of the world eventually.

It’s time for Shorter News Stories said More Quickly than the Others


A new report from Wall Street Journal says that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will ditch the lightning port connector in favour of the industry standard, USB-C connection. Oh and it’s only just beginning. Change is coming!


The Xbox One has just added a new way to play old Titles and it’s called Xbox Game Pass, which is another ‘Netflix for Games’ concept allowing you to access a library of around 100 games from both Xbox 360 as well as the One for $10 a month.


Amazon is currently working on a feature that will help its digital assistant, Alexa, recognize and distinguish between multiple voices.


Apparently, LG is going to reveal a headset based on Valve’s VR platform at GDC, which is happening right now. And that’s exciting because LG’s last VR headset for their G5 phone was one of the worst things I’ve experienced, so it’s only up from here.


Kingston’s 2TB USB drive was revealed at CES this year and now they are ready to ship what is the world’s highest-capacity USB drive. There’s a 1TB version for only $940 American and the 2TB model costs $1620.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.



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