Radeon Vega FE Preview


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Those concerned with security had a bit of a nail-biting weekend, as part of the Windows 10 source code leaked onto the “Internet”. Although initial reports indicated that the leak encompassed a significant portion of the code including many unreleased internal builds, Microsoft later stated that the leak was relatively minor, with much of the 32TB of data already having been available online for months or years. The company eventually claimed that the leaked files are in fact part of the Share Source Initiative, which allows Microsoft to share parts of the Windows 10 source code, namely those relating to USB, storage, and WiFi drivers, with it third-party partners like OEMs. So while the leak isn’t as scary as originally thought, the leaked data could still pose a risk if ne-er-do-wells make use of it to craft exploits. But what can any of us do, really, to prevent terrible things from happening to us? Go live out the rest of our lives in an underground bunker cut off from the outside world? … Yes, actually that’s. One way. Or use an antivirus.


Info on AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Graphics card has been somewhat scarce, but PCWorld just published an exclusive hands-on preview. They were allowed to run the card in some synthetic benchmarks like Cinebench and SPECviewperf, and even played games on it, although they were NOT allowed to see specific performance metrics like FPS. Vega scored around 15 to 50% higher than the Titan XP in the synthetics, and in gaming, PCWorld could only say that they couldn’t tell the difference between Vega and the Titan XP in Dom, Prey, and Sniper Elite 4, which doesn’t sound bad at all. In case you’re confused, the Frontier Edition is not intended for gaming, that will be up to Radeon RX Vega, which is set to be unveiled on July 30th at Siggraph. But it’s nice to know if you do get the Vega FE for work, you can probably use it for some gaming as well. But not too much. Ya got work to do after all.


An error has been identified in Skylake and Kaby Lake-based processors that can cause unpredictable system behavior like crashes. The flaw was discovered by some of the developers of Debian, a popular flavor of Linux, and can be triggered by hyperthreading, not just in Linux but Windows as well. Now, obviously, Skylake has been out since August 2015 and we’re just hearing of this now, but if you’ve experienced crashes while running multicore-intensive programs, then this might be the cause. Intel and motherboard makers are working on distributing the fix, so update your board’s BIOS, then head back into that underground bunker where it’s safe.


What’s that? It’s time for the quake boats? Ah, no, Quick Bits.


Nintendo has followed up their miniaturized NES Classic with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, complete with 2 controllers and 21 bundled games including the unreleased Sequel to the original Star Fox, Star Fox 2, all for 79.99 US. There’s a European and an American version, so choose carefully depending on how you feel about the color purple. Or don’t choose at all because there’s probably better things you could spend 80 bucks plus tax on.

Speaking of retro games, last week the launch of Sega Forever, which emulates classic Sega games on mobile devices, went terribly, thanks in part to the service’s shoddy emulation through the Unity engine.

SpaceX is on a roll, launching and landing 2 rockets on the weekend, making for a total of 9 launches this year. But it begs the question: if space is so great, why do the rockets keep coming back? .. wake up, sheeple.

Speaking of space, lasers! The US government is going to be using them to create the Photonic fence, a device that will protect fields of crops by selectively zapping problematic bugs. With lasers. It can detect insects like mosquitoes within 100 metres and destroy 20 of them per second. I don’t know why I’m so stoked for this, but I am. Eff you bugs!

Cryptocurrency mining is all the rage again, so we’re starting to see more PC parts intended specifically for that purpose, like Sapphire’s Radeon RX470 Mining Edition, with no display outputs, so you couldn’t even game on it if you TRIED.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


Integer.  It’s pronounced like “inte-jer”.  Hard G.  Integer.  Yes, I’m sorry. I often read words, and then say them how I want to say them, even though that’s not the way you’re supposed to say them. Like, I say “gif”, even though that’s 100% wrong. …



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