Razer Basilisk


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Microsoft has announced the next big feature update to Windows 10 will arrive October 17th. The Fall Creators Update, as it’s being called, will add new ways to combine photos, videos, and 3D effects using Windows Story Remix, although that app will initially be missing some of its more advanced features. The main draw in this update will be support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, a number of which are also launching on October 17th, while other OEMs like ASUS won’t launch theirs until later. Windows Mixed Reality will work with software developed on the Mixed Reality API, but the headsets will also support SteamVR. Even though we’re all still mad at Valve for Half Life 3. Tsk.


An Instagram hack earlier this week that exposed some celebrities’ phone numbers and email addresses appears to be much more serious than previously thought. One hacker claims to have scraped the data of 6 million Instagram users, and is selling making his database available for 10 bucks per search. Security researchers are noting it does look like the data is legitimate. An Instagram rep has said the company is investigating the issue. Hopefully, it’s their top guy. The Top Instagram detective is on the case. Hoo, we can rest easy, everyone relax, IG investigator on duty. Thank goodness.


And Razer has released a new customizable gaming mouse, called the Basilisk. It’s apparently designed first and foremost for FPS players, with a number of features that can be tweaked to your liking, like a tactile scroll wheel with adjustable resistance and a little swappable thumb button Razer is calling a “clutch”, but which I’m going to call a dingle, because I can’t help it. There’s 3 different sizes of dingle you can choose between to get your dingle juuuust right.


It’s time for Quickbits, sponsored by Lego Elves on Netflix! It’s not sponsored, but I’m in that show – go check it out.

Today Twitch unveiled Twitch Extensions, which are essentially plugins for certain games and websites that do things like display stats and allow members in the chat to interact directly with the streamer.

Alexa’s showing up everywhere these days, now she’s in the Bragi Dash and Dash Pro wireless earbuds, as well as the Sanbot Nano, a robot helper from China. Except I’m pretty sure that’s not what Alexa’s face looks like. That looks more like a.. Johann. Ha ha ha! See?

4K TVs are only just starting to get mainstream now, but Sharp isn’t happy enough with that, it wants you to have a 70 inch 8K TV by Christmas, or you’re not even really watching TV, you’re watching a dang potato. GAD, it’s basically the future, people, keep up!

Speaking of the Future, Logitech has shown off a new futuristic looking wireless keyboard called the Craft, with a touch sensitive input dial – who knows if it will actually help that much, but it looks cool, and will probably make you feel really artsy, so… if you’ve got an MX Master you pretty much need this.

And let’s celebrate for a moment the demise of the Juicero Juicer, which was essentially a 400 dollar juice pack squeezer that was exposed as the unnecessary nonsense it was and is now refunding everyone who bought one. Justice. Juicestice.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


Why “yo dawg” out of all the phrases? Oh, what else would you like us to say, McFries? What analogues of “yodawg” exist that are better? Ncixheyman? Ncixexcusemesirormadam? Ncixsuuuuhdude? Actually, I’d be down for that one. Even if it is a dead meme. If you want to sent us a #ncixsuhdude, I mean, ncixyodawg, tweet it at us.


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