Razer Mamba Review

Razer Mamba Review

First of all, let’s simply look at it. For first impressions, I can see that Razer has outdone themselves. The body by just looking is splendid. The lighting strips have been integrated well, a long chassis to fit many hands and small pits for the primary buttons. Onto the review!


The Mamba is quite large which is most suitable for medium to large hands. There are 7 different programmable buttons on this. The two primary buttons, the clickable scroll wheel, two side buttons on the left side and two middle buttons in the middle. The material encompassing the sides of this mouse is some type of soft-touch plastic texture that has decent grip. The side buttons on the left side have been integrated so well into the side that they do not jut out at all. On the opposite side, there are no side buttons but there is a rubber-texture grip. Sorry lefties, the Mamba is meant just for right-handed people. At the top of the mouse is a rough plastic texture which has a good amount of grip. This texture is great for those who get sweaty hands during those intense moments in-game.

The scroll wheel has chroma lighting around its edges. It has small rubber bumps in rows of three all around it making scrolling to that weapon much more accurate. The primary buttons have subtle depressions which are great for both claw and palm grip styles. As with many of its predecessors, the triple snake logo is unlit. We can only assume that this has no lighting just to save power for the wireless factor.

Razer Mamba

Right underneath the Mamba is the micro-USB port for charging. One disappointment arises. This port is apparently only compatible with the braided charging cable they supply you. So, if anything happens to this, you can ask Razer for another wire but we do not know if you have to pay. Thank goodness it is braided in the first place. At the top of the mouse, there are two DPI buttons which are easily accessible making it great for FPS games. Users can change to their spray & pray DPI or the lone sniper DPI setting.

Wireless and Sensor

The Mamba is one of the best wireless mice out on the market. Its wireless latency is quite good. Up to 10 meters, I did not feel any hiccups. Even though a few routers use the 5GHz band wave, this sadly uses the crowded 2.4GHz. So to all you PC in living room gamers who live in apartments, this is not really ideal for you. There are routers all around you and who knows, there might be a microwave on the other side of the wall. Trust me, I experienced this. Gamers definitely do not want to lose control of their crosshair while mid-game. With a full charge while using the default rainbow color shifting, battery life should last up to 25-30 hours which is pretty good. One problem is that users should turn it off when going to sleep. This mouse sleep mode is not as efficient as other wireless mice. You could lose about 15-25% power in the 8-hour sleep duration.The sensor is a great

The sensor is a great sensor, especially for FPS gaming. It has a whopping 16,000 DPI setting. This is nice to have but most gamers go up to 8,000. When testing it, there are no signs of line prediction or acceleration. One problem is that it can only achieve a 1000Hz polling rate when in wired mode. We can assume Razer made it this way to prolong the battery. Users can change the latency mode for the wireless mode from 1ms to lower to save power. It is preferable to change it to somewhere from 2ms to 5ms. The user should not feel any noticeable differences.

Click Force Technology

This click force technology allows users to make their primary buttons either louder or softer. To do this, people can turn the hex screws at the bottom. This can change up to 5mm of space. People please do not think of this much of click travel change. Yes while it changes, this modification is so minute that there is barely any noticeable changes. However, this is wonderful when you are playing at night within a crowded household.


Razer Synapse 2.0

The Razer Synapses is rather quite intuitive. It allows people to assign macros or keystroke assignments for the buttons. Another cool thing is that you can set separate profiles for games so that DPI settings can different for each situation. Users can also set custom timeouts for the mouse and can calibrate the mouse to the type of mouse pad oddly in wired mode. Don’t forget you can set the chroma lighting to one of 16.8 million colors.


The Mamba is a great mouse in terms of shape and ergonomics but is beaten with SteelSeries and Logitech with the rest of the important areas. The G900 from Logitech does not sacrifice the necessary areas except for the weight which is now lighter and that is a plus. Although the G900 is more expensive, its price is far more justifiable than the Razer Mamba.


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