Razer Naga Hex V2 Review – Best for MOBA Gamers

Razer Naga Hex V2

As MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2 become more and more popular, more mice have been created to suit this kind of games. This mouse is similar to the Razer Naga but this time, it is not as overkill with 7 side buttons instead of 12. Time to dive into the review


First thing is the impression. The body of the Hex V2 has a nice curve to it. It has a medium size to it so it should be able to accommodate claw and palm grips and most hand sizes. The scroll wheel has nice rubber bumps to it for accurate scrolling and two DPI buttons at the top. The DPI buttons have been placed perfectly in the middle to give easy access to it while mid game. On the right side of the mouse, there is a small ledge for the ring finger to lean on and a small side grip for the pinkie. On the right side, there is a circle of textured rubber for the thumb. Around the circle are 7 buttons that users can choose for in-game actions. If you tilt the mouse 90 degrees to the right, you can see that the numbers 1,2 & 3 are in the top right corner and the numbers 4-7 finish up the circle. It not only can be used in games but in word processing as a semi-functional number pad. The numbers you press will be the number you get. However, this function is not really as efficient as the numpad. This shouldn’t be called Hex anymore but Hept instead. Get it? At first, I always keep on forgetting which button I assigned to for that particular command but within a week, I got used to it. If you haven’t figured it out, this mouse is meant for right-handed users. Sorry lefties but there are some ambidextrous mice for you.


Razer Naga Hex V2 Lighting Zones

There is lighting around the entire scroll wheel, all side buttons, around the circular rubber grip and most obviously the logo. Lighting is controlled entirely by the Razer Synapse software. There are multiple modes and has RGB which is a nice feature.


This is the part that you guys have mainly come for and that is the performance. The Hex V2 has a crazy DPI of 16,000 and a nice polling rate of 1000Hz. I don’t think that any MOBA player is going to use beyond 8,000 DPI. If it is that high, I think most players will miss all of their skill shots. The small limited amount of skills in MOBA games take advantage of the amount the many side buttons on this. Although it is not meant for photoshop or video editing, side buttons can ease the user’s work for them. For other games like CSGO, the side buttons can be either useful or annoying because the number you click chooses the weapon you buy.


Razer Synapse can feel useful and not useful at the same time. It is easy to set up profiles and different lighting for all. The time when it feels useless is when it can’t store profiles onboard the mouse, you have to log in every single time and requires an internet connection. Within the software, users can change the lighting zones. The mouse can use a rainbow changing mode or solid color mode or other modes. You can choose from 16.8 million different colors. I also forgot to mention that it can synchronize with other Razer products like the keyboards to get a rainbow wave.


At $90 CAD, this mouse is at a competitive price against others. When pitted against MOBA games, it can hold its own but when used for other types of games, the performance begins to drop. This can be a great alternative to Logitech’s G600 or the Corsair Scimitar.

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