Razer’s e-Wallet & e-Currency, Logitech G Pro, Airbus Pop.Up Drone Car

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Razer has just come out with their own digital wallet and e-currency. Its called the Razer zVault, zGold and zSilver. Razer zVault is basically a loyalty based rewards system much like how most loyalty programs work, this one is just most gaming focused. To get things started you will need to have a razer id and verify your zVault. zGold is bought with real money at a conversion rate of 100 zGold  per $1USD. zGold will be used to buy digital games or in game items. Games like smite , Lost saga and paladins already accept zGold. zSilver on the other hand, is earned through daily use of Razer’s software like Cortex and Arena. ZSilver is used towards purchasing razer gear like mice and headsets, or it can be converted into discounts on those products and other more expensive things like a Razer blade.Honestly i dont know how well this whole Razer Vault currency thing will do, considering people need to spend real money for zGOld and the discounts only count towards $5 to $20 off the MSRP of products. What do you guys thing? Will razer vault take off? Should they offer a bigger library of games? Will this just flop and flop hard? Leave a comment down below.


Logitech released a new gaming keyboard today called the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard. The G-Pro is a tenkeyless design with romer-g switches and has a matte black finish. The keys do have RGB, of course, but the keycaps do not leak any light from beneath the keys AND the keycaps are more of a traditional shape and not the weird ones from the G910.  The G pro does have a detachable micro usb cable and weighs 2.16 pounds which is obviously great for travelling with. However, the G Pro is built for professional gamers and the msrp does reflect that. The keyboard is available now for $130 USD. Uh thanks, but i’ll wait for a price drop.


At the Geneva International Motor Show, Airbus unveiled their latest concept called Pop.Up.  Basically pop up is a passenger pod that can be turned into a self driving car or a self flying drone. Pop.up would start off as a self driving car, but if you’re stuck in traffic you can use your smart phone to call in the drone attachment to lift you up and out of rush hour. After dropping you off at the destination the vehicles automatically return to charging stations. The concept video is pretty cool, you can see people request rides from futuristic tablets and even order a ride with sunglasses, but then airbus turns the concept video into the beginning of a love story between two people…so yeah


Its time for!!


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Somewhere in the Nevada desert, Hyperloop is showing off their 500meter long test track called Devloop… test track eh? More like… test tube! Boo bad joke


Land Rover and the Austrian Red cross are joining forces to have search and rescue drones launch out of the roof of Land Rover Discovery suvs. Neato.


Miso robotics, a company based out in Pasadena is rolling out a new kitchen robot called Flippy. Its basically a burger making robot. I guess in the next 10 years, burger flipping by humans in fast food joints will be considered an ancient art.


And League of Legends cheating service called Leaguesharp has been ordered to pay of fine of 10million dollars to Riot Games after losing a lawsuit.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.



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