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Camera company RED mystified the world when they announced that their Hydrogen One smartphone would have the world’s first holographic display, as… no one knows what that meant. Like, actual holograms, Star Wars style? Or fancy 3D that kind of looks like a hologram? Turns out it’s the latter, as RED has revealed its partnership with a company called Leia, Inc, yes, as in Princess Leia. Nice. Leia calls themselves the leading provider of light-field holographic display solutions for mobile, which is great, because I didn’t know that was even a thing. A concept video posted by Leia Inc. in 2015 gives sort of an idea of what we’ll be looking at when the Hydrogen One launches – it’s what appears to be a 3D display that can shift depending on the angle you’re looking at the display, but unsurprisingly, the image doesn’t actually project off the screen like in Star Wars. And this kind of irritates me, because if we’re calling this a “holographic display”, what are we going to call holograms when they actually get invented? It’s gonna be confusing. ‘S all I’m saying.


AMD was pretty bold in stealing Intel’s naming scheme for their recent chipset launches. Intel announced X299, then AMD named the Threadripper chipset X399. Intel’s Kaby Lake launched on Z270, AMD named the Ryzen chipset X370. So now Intel’s in the position of having to tweak their naming scheme, and it looks like they’re doing it with Coffee Lake. The 8th gen desktop chips are set to launch in October on the Z370 Chipset, but later in 2018, we’ll see the launch of Z390. It’s unclear whether Z390 will replace the “X99” naming scheme for the high-end desktop space, or whether it will be a souped up version of Z370, or whether AMD will then just name their next chipset Z391. Bunch o’ cheeky bastards.


And the Equifax hack, which apparently exposed the personal details of 143 million Americans, isn’t as bad as other hacks in terms of number of users affected, but it might actually be more severe. That’s because instead of just email address or passwords, the info that was leaked includes full names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses and drivers license numbers. Equifax quickly set up a service to allow users to verify if they were affected by the hack, but there were concerns that language in the terms of service waived their rights to sue Equifax for damages. Those concerns have been alleviated, as Equifax has clarified that’s not the case. You can sue them all you want, although if you’re going to do so, you might want to get on it, as there’s probably 142 million people ahead of you in the line by now.


It’s time for Quick Bits!

Intel has announced its discontinuing their line of 802.11ad WiGiG products. Although a few AD WiFi products were developed, the technology never really took off – but the 60Hz frequency it used is now being used for wireless VR applications, so that’s where Intel will use WiGig going forward. Well, it had a good run. Actually, I guess it didn’t.

Google is rolling out support for HDR videos in the YouTube app to more smartphones, including the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Google Pixel, LG V30, and Xperia XZ Premium, so prepare yourselves for more better pretty fancy colors.

Remember the whole CSGOLotto skin gambing scandal? Well, the Youtubers responsible, TmarTN and Syndicate, have basically gotten off scott-free for not disclosing that they owned the gambling site they promoted on their channels. Hopefully, that’s not a problem with us. When we call out a deal at NCIX, it’s because… we are NCIX. It’s in the name. So.

Fighting game Killer Instinct already supports cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10, but so far it’s been exclusive to the Windows Store. Microsoft has announced that when the game launches on Steam later this year, it will support cross-play there, too.

And speaking of cross-platform, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds may also support it, with creator Brendan Greene saying they might use the same aim-assist tech found in Destiny 2 to even the playing field. Greene says they “want PC and Xbox to be identical in terms of the experience you have”, which I’m sure PC gamers are totally fine with.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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