RED Hydrogen One Modularity


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Last week, everyone was talking about the Hydrogen One, the first phone announced by camera company RED, which is supposed to feature the world’s first holographic display, whatever that means. Well turns out RED’s plans for the Hydrogen are even more ambitious, as patents related to the phone have surfaced, showing an extremely complex modular system. The patents appear to depict accessories such as a viewfinder, grips, extra batteries, and lenses that would turn the phone into a shoulder-mounted cinema camera. RED’s existing cameras use modular systems just like this, but it’s ambitious, to say the least, to develop a phone that’s meant to be used the same way. Also – what if you get an important call or text while filming? Or you see something super cool, and now you can’t SnapChat it because you’re making a stupid feature film with your phone. THINK, RED.


Google has launched a new AI initiative today, called PAIR, as in putting two things together, not the fruit. It stands for People + AI Research, and it aims to study and redesign the ways people interact with AI systems for the purpose of benefiting and empowering everyone, not just certain groups of people. Some of the things PAIR is looking to accomplish is finding out how AI can help the work of professionals like doctors, designers, farmers and musicians, rather than simply developing AI-powered software for its own sake. It all sounds a little insubstantial, so here’s some more concrete news: Google’s Deepmind has also taught AI agents to run parkour courses, by apparently drawing inspiration from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Now that’s real progress.


Overclocker SOFOS1990 has broken the 10 core processor overclocking world record. Sofos used the Skylake-X Intel Core i9 7900X and liquid nitrogen in his attempt, clocking the chip up to 6.01 GHz for a score of 12189.52 points in HWBOT Prime. Not only is this a record for 10 core processors overclock, but also for single processor systems – the only higher score than this one was achieved using more than one CPU. Ironically, just as this info was published, Tom’s Hardware put out an article about how Skylake-X has barely any room for enthusiasts to overclock. It’s a great article, so check out that and the official overclocking results in the news sources linked in the description, along with sources for the rest of today’s stories.


It’s time for QUICK BITS.


Oculus has slashed the price of its Rift headset and Touch controllers bundle to $399 US, half its original price. Although many people thought this was a permanent drop, Oculus has clarified it’s part of a six-week promotion. Maybe in the lead up to a Rift 2 release? Or just cuz everyone’s buying Vives instead. Or VR is dead. ‘S one of those.

Linux fans rejoice! Ubuntu is now available on the Windows Store. Or don’t rejoice, because now Linux is mainstream, and that’s not why you got into this. Stay phresh, bros.

If you’re looking for a Nintendo NES mini, better watch yourself, because there are some fakes available on the web that simply run emulator software. And they could.. Blow up or something. You dono!

Valve has rolled out its Steam Link app for 2016 and newer Samsung Smart TVs, so all you need is a Steam controller to stream your PC games to your living room. The app is in beta right now and supports 1080p60 and VR streaming, but when the full version releases, 4K will be available.

And Apple is opening an office in England to design its own GPUs, just eight miles away from Imagination Technologies, who used to make GPUs for Apple products. Dang, Cook. That’s Steve Jobs cold, man.


couple days ago at Best Buy after a person was done taking to staff about a MacBookPro I told her to get a Zenbook – OOOOH maaaan haha NICE. GATEEM!

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