Rift games on Vive, Google Live Case, Razer ManO’War

Are you the type of person who is into phone cases? Do you also use a Nexus 6p 5x or 6? Well then pay attention cuz Google just announced Live cases. Basically these cases are designed by you by putting your favorite image on the case. Don’t have a favourite image? How about an actual map location?  But the really cool thing about these cases is that they ship with a programmable NFC shortcut button. You can customize the button to launch almost any app on your nexus device without actually looking for it on your screen. The case can be finished matte or glossy. The cases cost $35 and are available now.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have only just launched and each come with exclusive games and games that are available for both platforms. But now a redditor named CrossVR has posted code on Github that essentially allows for rift exclusives Lucky’s tale and Oculus dreamdeck to be playable on the HTC Vive. The program code is call Revive and CrossVR says it may work with other games as well but he has not tested them himself. Obviously you would need to own the games to get them to work on the Vive. But who knows how long this will last before Oculus, HTC or even Valve inevitably steps in. What do you guys think? Would you rather play rift games on the Vive than on the rift itself? Have you even tried out the Rift or HTC vive? Leave a comment.

Razer has just announced a brand new headset. It’s the Razer Man o’War. Yes, like the jelly fish. Anyways the man o war is a wireless headset compatible with PCs, Macs and PS4. It offers virtual 7.1 surround sound on computers and 2.0 stereo on PS4. The man o war also has a retractable microphone, RGB chroma LEDs, 14 hour battery life, and quick controls located on the earcups. Razer also claims a 14meter range with lag free performance. The man o war is $170 and will start to ship April 18th.

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Its time for snippy snippets!

Blizzard announced last night that battle.net was DDOS’d. Some reports are saying that Lizard squad was once again behind this. The attacks seem to have an effect on connections and causes big amounts of lag.

GoPro announced a dev program which focuses on mobile apps, mounting hardware and interoperability with other physical products.

Reports are saying that the Nintendo NX system will be much more powerful than the PS4.

Website Phandroid dug around the second release of the android N developer preview and it appears to hint at support for devices with pressure sensitive displays.

Asus announced a new ROG gaming mouse called the Spatha. It has 12 buttons, a laser sensor and can be wired or wireless.

And korean website Hardware Battle has reported that the 980 ti, 980, and 970 have now discontinued production and the new Pascal replacements are arriving early and mid June.