RX 480 Driver fix, Valve + CSGO Lotto sued, Microsoft making DNA drives

Good news for RX 480 owners, AMD dropped the updated driver for the card yesterday. Some reviewers re-ran power tests with the new driver, and preliminary results appear to show that it does indeed fix the main issue of too much power draw through the PCIe slot. The slight performance decrease that this would normally cause is offset by some efficiency tweaks AMD made, so that the actual performance remains the same. Good on ya, team Red! Now the question is, will the GTX 1060 dash AMD’s hopes in the 200-250 dollar market?


No doubt you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the CSGO gambling market and popular this past week. Well, it’s become more than controversy, as Youtubers Tmartn and Pro Syndicate, as well as Valve themselves, are being implicated in two lawsuits alleging they promote and run third-party CSGO gambling services that allows minors to take part. One of the lawsuits is being filed by an anonymous mother on behalf of her son, although many knowledgeable people have come out to say the legitimacy of the lawsuits are suspect at best. So it’s unclear whether Valve will have to deal with this issue directly. How do you guys feel about the whole thing? It’s kind of a complicated issue, so make sure to hit the news sources in the description to get the whole story.


Microsoft, in partnership with researchers at the University of Washington, have written 202 megabytes of data onto DNA. It’s the largest amount of data that’s ever been written to synthetic DNA. Why use DNA you ask? Well, according to the researchers, an exabyte, or a million terabytes, could be stored in a cluster the size of a grain of sand. And the entire Internet could fit in a shoebox. So. Pretty good. Included in the 200 MB cache was the music video for “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go. A great choice. Especially if the “this” is referring to traditional forms of data storage.


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AMD actually listed the RX 490 on its website last week, so we know it’s coming, but now WCCFtech is reporting the card will be a dual-GPU model, and will launch this year, based on shipping data. Really though? Put some salt on this one, guys.

Nintendo has made it much easier for indie developers to join its developer program by creating a new online portal through which all its programs can be accessed.

According mobile security firm Lookout, over 10 million Android devices are infected by malware from the HummingBad family, which is actually run by Chinese advertising firm Yingmob. You can check if you’re infected by using Lookouts app, linked in the news sources.

At E3, Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere initiative promised that every new title published by Microsoft will support the feature, but the company changed that recently to every new title “That they showed onstage at E3 this year”. Nonono. See… that’s not the same. Microsooooft..

And scientists created a cyborg stingray, composed of a gold skeleton, silicone body, and genetically modified rat cardiac cells that contract when exposed to light. So this is how the world ends.. Not with a bang, but a smooth, undulating motion.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


Yo bă cânie – Apparently that means Yo dawg in Romanian, but when I put it in Google Translate, it came up with Yo Yo Mugs, which I think, is equally valid. Yo Yo, Mugs! A suh, dude!



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