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Someone call the AMD plumber, we’ve got leaks! Videodcardz.com just posted some interesting pictures of what is supposed to be the RX 500 series. The first picture features the RX570 and it appears to use the same printed circuit board as the RX480 and 470 series. The RX 570 is pictured with a single 6 pin pci-e power connector.  The second picture is what’s more interesting, as it’s supposed to be an engineering sample of the RX 580.  The GPU shown in the pictures was made on March 3rd, 2017 and the engineering sticker also confirms the Polaris architecture. As for the power connector, the 580 sports a single 8pin. The RX 500 series is said to be launching sometime around April 18th, so we’ll just have to wait until then to see if the RX 500 series has any surprises left.


Bungie has made it official, Destiny 2 will be coming to PC after all. This morning, the new reveal trailer dropped for the Destiny sequel and it covers a bunch of bases. First off the story will be based around the Cabal enemy faction as we see the tower being absolutely destroyed by these aliens. Next, all players will be receiving a gear reset, as Nathan Fillion aka Cayde 6 tells you that all your stuff is gone. And there will be a beta if players pre-order the game. The game is set to drop September 8th. What do you guys think about destiny 2 coming to PC? Will it be a flop? Will it be the best thing ever? Leave a comment down below, or tweet @ncixJack, cuz he can’t stop talking about some dude named Gary.


Speaking of twitter, the social media platform is finally removing “at replies”” from the 140 character tweet limit. Instead of having the twitter username jammed into the body of the tweet, the person or people that you are replying to will appear as a header above the tweet. But if you want to add or tag new people to the conversation, you will still need to type in their usernames, which will use up characters. But, once they are in the conversation, you won’t have to add them again. You can also remove certain users by simply unchecking their name in the header.


It’s time for snippy snippets.


The Quake Champions Closed Beta is set to start April 6th. You can still sign up for the beta if you’re interested.


Tribeca, you know the people who do the film festival, they’re set to launch their first ever Tribeca Games Festival that runs April 28 to April 29th in NYC. The festival will have keynotes from industry members, including Hideo Kojima.


There’s a photo floating around claiming to be the front panel of the LG v30 smartphone. It looks like there could be dual front-facing selfie cameras.


Twitch will now start offering support for streaming at 1080P 60FPS and will also be rolling out some new stream quality options.


And Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans will get the first look at the game with a reveal trailer during the star Wars Celebration in Orlando on April 15th 11:30am pacific time.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.



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