RX Vega Benchmarks!


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The people over at videocardz.com have gotten their hands on the 3dmark fire strike scores on what appears to be the Radeon RX Vega consumer editions, as opposed to the frontier editions.  Now the results do not say which RX Vega is being tested nor if it was in silent mode or gaming mode. What the benchmarks do say is that the GPU is listed as the 8GB version clocked at 1630MHz with the HBM2 memory running at 945MHz. Now the results for the graphics scores show that the RX Vega that was tested performs somewhere above the GTX 1070 and just below the GTX 1080. And for those of you who might think that these results are bogus there is proof that these results are real. The username for the results is tagged as the-game technician and a quick search will tell you that the username belongs to Jason Evangelho, who just happens to be the senior technical marketing specialist… at AMD.  So do with that information as you will but I’ll be waiting patiently for when AMD officially announces everything.


Adobe announced today that they will be ending support for and development of Flash… in the year 2020. I mean I don’t think this comes as a shock to anyone. Adobe mentions that open standards like html5, WebGL and others have matured over the years and that most of these standards provide a lot of people with the capabilities and functionalities that plugins once pioneered. Adobe also says that they will stay committed to supporting flash for the next 3 years as customers and partners start to move on. Adobe is also on board with working with industry partners like Google Facebook, Apple and more to maintain security and compatibility of flash content.


The official launch of Android O is coming soon since Google dropped the new developer preview 4 yesterday.  Some of the features that you can find in the 4th preview include notification dots with adaptive coloring, no more system notifications for media apps, bolder battery percentage in the status bar, lock screens with smaller text, new system apps icons, always on language detection in Google text to speech and more. The only other thing I low-key care about is what they’re going to go with for a codename. Will it be oatmeal cookie… or Oreo cookie… leave a comment down below if you’re team oatmeal or team oreo.


It’s time for bem bem bem lightning round


Microsoft is going to be moving MS paint to the windows store and in paints place will be Paint 3d. I’ve had many memory using ms paint…such fond memories.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned during an earning call that there will be 11 Android smartphones that will support Daydream VR hitting the market by the end of 2017


Facebook might be looking into making their own smart assistant speaker with a touchscreen.


Fellow destiny fans rejoice! Bungie gave ign a video sneak peek of what we can expect in the open world for Destiny 2 in terms of patrols, public events and more!


And Phanteks has just announced the Entho Evolve and Evolv shift x. Both cases are designed to be used in multiple orientations. I just can’t get over the fact that it looks like the Corsair One.



Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.




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