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RX Vega launched earlier this week to… lukewarm reception, and now the waters are getting even more tepid. A staff member from British retailer Overclockers UK claims that the price for Vega 64 cards at launch was an introductory price, only meant for early sales of the GPU. At some point, the price of Vega cards could go up by as much as 20%. Which means that the conclusions from a lot of RX Vega reviews would be affected. We’ll have to keep an eye on this, as Vega cards are out of stock pretty much everywhere at the moment, but if it’s true, it seems kind of shady of AMD to do this. The pricing wasn’t super competitive to begin with. On the plus side, while most Vega reviews focused on gaming performance, TechGage decided to test its chops as a workstation and mining card. Turns out the Vega 64 does pretty well, beating out the comparable Nvidia cards and AMD’s WX Polaris cards in Luxmark, video encoding, and some mining benchmarks, although Vega’s relatively high power consumption might put a damper on that last one. A year ago, who would have thought that AMD would be getting praise for its CPUs, and flak for its GPUs? … I dono.. Who would have thought that, it’s rhetorical.


Body cameras have been showing up in more and more police departments, but now we’re seeing more and more personal body cameras enter the consumer market. Recent examples being the Shonin Streamcam and the Frontrow wearable camera. The Streamcam is more of a security-focused device, with IP67 waterproofing, instant cloud backup, a 1080p camera, and the ability to livestream to social media over WiFi or optional LTE. It’s already funded on Kickstarter, and you can get the WiFi model for 169 US. Frontrow, on the other hand, takes the more fashion friendly approach, as it’s designed to hang on your chest like a necklace. It runs Android, has a touch display, shoots up to 2.7K video with image stabilization, and can record nearly 2 hours of video or take photos every few seconds to automatically create a timelapse. It’s a bit strange that devices like these are popping up all over the place, but when Google Glass came out, people got in actual fights because they were scared of being discretely recorded. I guess we’re in for a lot more World Star videos. Fingers crossed.


There weren’t many big main stories to talk about today, so it’s time for a slightly longer QUICK BITS!

EVE Valkyrie is no longer a VR exclusive, as CCP games has just updated the game to be playable without a VR headset on both PS4 and PC. Although you might be setting yourself up for failure only using a monitor. But you probably won’t look as stupid, either. Lots of THIS.

The Eisbaer 420 is the biggest all-in-one liquid cooler ever made, according to its maker, Alphacool. So your chip won’t be blazin’ it anytime soon. Because. It’s called the 420. But it’s a cooler. Ahem.

Google Home now supports voice calls, but if you want to try more experimental features, you can sign up for the Home Preview Program, which, according to Google, is “not a beta”, it’s just early access to new features so users can send feedback about bugs. So… a beta, then. (NOPE) … K.

Apple’s jealous of all this news about Netflix and Disney streaming services, so they’re putting 1 billion dollars down to make original programming for Apple Music, I’m assuming? That seems like a lot, but HBO spent 2 billion last year on the same thing, and Netflix may spend 6 billion this year.

Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have used microscopic machines called micro motors to deliver antibiotics to the stomach wall without being dissolved by stomach acid, because it uses the acid to fuel a reaction that propels the micro motors forward. So.. that’s cool I guess.

Microsoft is developing a glider drone that can stay airborne potentially indefinitely by guiding itself towards thermal updrafts and riding them, using little to no actual power to fly. They’re calling it… THE CONDOR. They’re not, I just made that up. But they should.

And Dungeons and Dragons players can now use D&D Beyond, a companion website that does all the calculations normally undertaken with pen and paper. The next step is involving a 3D simulation of the game world, rather than actual figures. I wonder what that would be like, even?

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


Why are there no fidget spinners made from carbon nanotubes for the maximum stress relief??? I don’t know, Vlado Rodak, I’ve been asking that question since all the way back when fidget spinners first showed up, a looooong time ago, I was just a boy. It seems like a no-brainer product. Thanks for the #ncixyodawg, if the rest of you want to send tweet us an #ncixyodawg, you can do it on twitter, that’s where tweets are from.



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