Ryzen Pro Unveiled


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Today, AMD announced and launched their new Ryzen Pro series of processors. These Ryzen Pro processors are designed for the corporate desktop. The initial lineup of pro CPUs will include 6 models ranging from Ryzen Pro 7 to Ryzen Pro 5 to Ryzen Pro 3. These new chips offer silicon-level security, security standards like secure boot, fTPM, AES and Windows 10 enterprise security features. The Ryzen Pro chips also offer 18 months of image stability, 24 months of processor availability and 36 months of warranty. Now you did hear me correctly when I said Ryzen Pro 3, that’s right, AMD has quietly launched the lower tier processor and early speculation is that the specs for the Ryzen Pro 3 will be similar to what we’ll see for when the regular Ryzen 3 chips launch.What do you guys think of the new Ryzen Pro lineup? Leave a comment down below.


It seems harder and harder to launch hardware these days without some sort of issue appearing. Owners of the new Oneplus 5 smartphone have reported a weird scrolling issue. Owners are calling it “jelly scrolling”. When scrolling on affected devices, the screen will appear to stretch and squash portions of the content as it moves, which makes it look as if it’s wobbling, like jelly. The cause of the issue is unclear but OnePlus is looking into this. It just goes to show never buy things when they launch, because not all the bugs have been worked out. But hey, at least nothing is exploding.


The founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey who left the company earlier this year, has apparently pledged $2000 a month to CrossVR’s Patreon campaign. The patreon campaign is actually being used to fund the ongoing development of ReVive, a popular hack that lets HTC Vive owners play Oculus Rift exclusive titles. The donation first came to light when a post on the patreon campaign page thanked Palmer for the 2 grand monthly pledge. Speculation suggests that Palmer still has strong opinions regarding how Oculus should operate its VR headset platform.


It’s time for sneppy sneppets


Elon musk tweeted out that his tunnel boring company has just completed its first segment of tunnel in LA.


The Twitch mobile app got an updated interface and letting people livestream directly from the app.


Overwatch player Dylan Beck has fashioned a sniper rifle controller out of an actual French baguette. Jack was going to make a bread pun here, but he thought that most of you would find it …. STALE.


John Romero, video game industry legend, just auctioned off his original Doom 2 floppy disks for over $3000. I think the harder part might be finding a working floppy drive to used them in.


And Thermaltake just announced the TT eSports Nemesis Switch optical RGB gaming mouse complete with 8  thumb buttons.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.




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