Samsung eSIM Smartwatch, Square Enix goes to NVIDIA Shield, Cloud Vision API Beta

Samsung has announced their new smartwatch the Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G. And what makes this smartwatch different is that the S2 classic will ditch the traditional physical sim card in favour for an electronic one. The S2 classic marks the first ever device to use the new standard called eSIM. The eSIM is a built-in, programmable sim that allows users to remotely connect to a device to a mobile network. No additional subscription is required as it piggybacks off your main contract. Samsung expects to launch the Gear S2 classic sometime in March. 

Are you a Square Enix and Nvidia shield fan? well today it’s time to rejoice! On Nvidia’s official blog, they announced that Square Enix will have 5 games coming to the Nvidia shield. The first game is Tomb Raider and it launches today free for Geforce Now members to stream. The other games that are expected to launch after wards are sleeping dogs, lara croft and the guardian of light, quantum conundrum and murdered soul suspect. Since Square Enix has joined in, GeforceNow includes more than 80 titles for members to play.

Google announced today the public open beta for their Cloud Vision API. For those who are unfamiliar, Cloud Vision is a service that allows devs to easily build image recognition and classifications into their apps. During the beta, each user will have a quota of 20 million images per month. Google also announced pricing for the API which will be in effect starting March 1st.

Snippy Snippets!


Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has sided with apple in regards to the whole FBI/Apple encryption debate. Sundar expressed his thoughts through a series of tweets.

A new phone called ReFlex uses a flexible LG OLED display and you can bend the screen to do things like flip pages and play angry birds.

Toshiba has just just unveiled its 1TB SSD this week that comes in a 2.5inch form factor as well as a M.2 form factor. The SSD’s are built using TLC flash.

Speaking of hard drives, Seagate is about to ship their 7mm 2TB 2.5inch drives that use the shingled magnetic recording technology.  Its the first drive to market with that form factor and capacity.

British company ARM announced their new Cortex R8 real time processors. Arm claims these are the highest performing in its class and it ready for new LTE and 5G modems.