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Happy Independence day to all of our American viewers, cuz its July 4th, on a Tuesday! Also, stay tuned for our fans with benefits winner announcement!



A bunch of news coming from Samsung today. First off, Samsung updated their Flow app to add support for Windows Hello. Galaxy devices like the s6 s7 and s8 will now be able to unlock windows 10 pcs by using the phone’s fingerprint sensor. Along with that, Samsung is also enabling the ability to sync smartphone notifications to your PC, which was a feature that was only previously made available to Samsung PCs and Samsung notebooks.  The latest Flow apps are out now and you will need a Windows 10 PC running the latest creators update to make use of the new features.


Next Samsung is also rumored to being working on a smart speaker of their own and it would be powered by their Bixby voice assistant. The project apparently has been in the works for over a year now and its code-named Vega. Who knows when we’ll see this Bixby speaker since Bixby Voice hasn’t even officially rolled out yet to the US.


It also looks like Samsung has their own standalone VR headset in the works. In a press release, it was announced that Visual Camp’s VR eye tracking technology will work with Samsungs upcoming Exynos VR III all in one head mounted display. Visual camp says that their eye tracking tech using a rendering technique called foveated rendering and will only add a 3% burden to the processing power. No official comment from Samsung about this standalone VR headset that uses this tracking tech.


And it’s official, the Note 7 is being brought back from the dead but only in South Korea this Friday July 7th. The phone will be making its way back to retail shelves under a new moniker called the Galaxy Note FE or “fan edition”. The phone is said to have a new battery and will cost ⅔’s of the original Note 7 and even include Bixby. It’s probably not a smart idea to pick one up, not because of exploding hardware but because the note 8 is going to be announced soon..ish… I guess if you really want a physical home button You’ll need to go to South Korea to get one. Samsung has not decided if they will release it in other countries.


It’s time for lightning round bem bem bem bem bem


The next iPhone might use 3d facial scanning technology instead of touch id.


If you preordered a Tesla model 3, Elon musk said on tTwitterthat the first batch of their upcoming electric car will be delivered to customers on July 28th.


Amazon’s Alexa speaker assistant  now has over 15000 skills, that 5 thousand more than it had back in february. I mean that IS impressive, but i’d be more impressed if it would be officially sold in Canada.


The XDA developers community has discovered that the one plus 5 jelly scrolling issue is caused by the phone’s display being mounted upside down. Now would would you want to do that on your flagship phone Oneplus? VHY?!


If you still own a Nvidia fermi gpu, thats 400 and 500 series cards, congrats! You now get to enjoy directx 12 like the rest of us who use kepler and maxwell cards.


Biostar now has a a radeon RX 470D which is apparently aimed towards the mining community. Which is funny cuz we recently did a video on ethereum… click up here to check it out


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.



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