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Starting things off, a new Samsung app called Game Live has leaked online and is available through an APK download. The new app allows users to stream mobile games to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. Game Live allows streams up to 4GB in size which would be about 200 minutes at high quality. Users can stream just the game audio or plug in a mic for commentary, and you can do both if you want. The app seems to work with Samsung devices on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and up, but not on non-Samsung devices for the time being. Also, not sure when it will officially launch, but probably pretty soon. I’m not much of a mobile gamer, but I feel like if I was, I would think this is cool. If only, if only. What do you guys think?


Earlier this week, Soundcloud laid off 40 percent of its staff and rumours have indicated that the company only has enough to money to keep operating for 50 days. A spokesperson has responded to these rumours, saying that Soundcloud is fully funded into Q4 and are in talks with investors. It seems like one of those investors could be Chance the Rapper, as he tweeted out, “I’m working on the Soundcloud thing”, last night. And has since posted that he had a ‘fruitful call with CEO Alex Jiang and that Soundcloud is here to say. Soundcloud echoed that statement on their own twitter page. Chance the Rapper released his album Coloring Book on Soundcloud for free and is certainly one of the most successful independent artists in the music business. Soundcloud has been THE PLACE where independent artists post music and was especially prominent before streaming services like Apple Music and Google Play were what they are now. So, good on ya, Chance. Keeping it real. Keeping it 100.


Shorter News Stories said more Quickly than the Others…


Nintendo is discontinuing the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Europe. So, I’m sorry if you’re a fan and live in those regions, but you can still get the 3DS and 2DS XL.


Earlier this week, Oculus announced that the Rift and Touch would go down to $399 as part of its summer sale, but once that sale is over, the price will receive a permanent price drop, going for $499. I’m not a marketing genius or anything,  but wouldn’t you want to wait until after summer sale is over to announce this. I don’t know. But hey, right on.


When Mass Effect first came out, Origin Access subscribers got a 10 hour free trial of the game, which allowed everyone to see how janky it was. Well, now they’ve fixed all the messed up faces, and a 10-hour free trial is available to everyone.


I talked about this New Release Radio thing on Google Play Music a few weeks ago. At the time, it was supposed to be an exclusive Samsung feature. Now it’s available on all Android phones dude.


The Drone Racing League have said a Guinness World Record for fastest flight with the DRL RacerX drone reaching 163.5 miles per hour. With all these drone regulations in Canada, I’m going to need something that can get away from the police easily, Ya know? Just kidding though. Don’t get any ideas.


And with a new update, Google Maps can now tell you the best time to leave for your destination with a graph showing past half hour and the next two hours. So, you can plan your trips more accordingly. Very convenient.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.




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