Samsung makes HBM2, GDDR5X published, Elite: Dangerous likes SteamVR

Samsung has begun mass production of second-generation high bandwidth memory. AMD’s Radeon R9 Nano featured first gen HBM, which was limited to 4GB per GPU, or 1GB per memory stack. HBM2 ups the limit to 16GB, or 4GB per stack, and doubles the bandwidth to 256 gigabytes per second. Altogether, this technically allows for graphics cards with 16GB of memory and a bandwidth of 1024 gigabytes per second. Meanwhile, mysterious sources are claiming that Nvidia will unveil its Pascal GPU featuring HBM2 before summer, with availability coming in the second half of 2016.

Speaking of graphics memory, the other next-gen memory standard, GDDR5X, has had its specs officially published by JEDEC, which stands for a bunch of words but’s just the association that publishes these things, ok? While not as impressive as HBM, GDDR5X has double the bandwidth of GDDR5 and shares a similar design, so it’s likely we’ll see it in most GPUs from AMD and Nvidia, while the flagship level cards get HBM.

And a bunch of news outlets have reported that space sim Elite Dangerous would not be getting official Oculus Rift support. However, watch out, cuz they be trippin. The misunderstanding came about after the game’s developer, Frontier, gave a statement to Eurogamer, saying they’ve chosen to focus on SteamVR. Many news outlets took this to mean Frontier wouldn’t be supporting Oculus at all, but really, they were just prioritizing SteamVR because HTC and Valve released the consumer SDK for the Vive first. Frontier has since said they’re absolutely still working with Oculus to get Rift support. 

Quick bits!


Intel apparently plans to introduce CPUs made on the 10 nanometer process by 2017, but with Broadwell and Skylake both using 14 nanometer, this means Intel could be breaking their usual tick-tock cycle for a tick-tock-tock cycle.

IBM has bought livestreaming company Ustream for around 130 million dollars. I was going to say the streaming war just got more intense, but it’s IBM, so it probably actually just got more… normal?

Nvidia will be upgrading their high-end mobile GPUs, the GTX 970M and 980M, by sticking an “X” on the end. The MX versions of the chips will have slightly higher specs than the originals, so keep your eye out for fancy new gaming laptops, probably at Computex.

SpaceX has released a video showing its Dragon capsule hovering by using its eight SuperDraco engines!

Netflix has followed through with its threat to block users using VPNs to get around regional restrictions… which… will just make people use torrents again, probably so… nice one?

And Honda’s going to launch their hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan by the end of this year.

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