Samsung Note 7 Revival, C-Labs VR Projects, UPS Testing Delivery Drones

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Samsung announced that their Creative Lab team aka “C-lab” will be going to show off some new VR projects at Mobile World Congress 2017 sometime next week. Some of the things that will be showcased are Relumino, VuildUS, Monitorless and TraVRer. Tra VR er?  I don’t come up with these names, they do. Relumino is a Gear VR app meant to help near-blind people and the visually impaired read books and watch tv. VuildUS enables users to see what furniture will look like in a certain room in their home and then be able to use Samsung pay to buy it if they like it.  Monitorless is a pair of glasses which allows people to view content from their PC or smartphones wirelessly through the glasses instead of staring at the screen. Finally, Travrer is a 360 degree video platform that allows users to visit famous places and landmarks. Sort of like a virtual vacation. Obviously we’ll learn more about these projects next week.


A new report from South Korea suggest that Samsung could be resurrecting a particularly explosive device. Samsung could be bringing back the Galaxy Note 7 to emerging markets like India or Vietnam in a refurbished form. These “zombie” units as i like to call them will feature a new smaller battery and outer shell and other key parts could be replaced. The new smaller battery could have a capacity between 3000mah and 3200mah as opposed to the original 3500mah battery. And don’t get any ideas about buying a refurbed unit in Vietnam and bringing it back to the US, the phone is still banned and will likely remain that way.


UPS tested out their delivery octocopter on a blueberry farm outside of Tampa on Monday.  The truck, in which the octocopter is launched from, is custom built specifically for these drones. The truck has a sliding hatch that opens on the roof of the vehicle where the drone resides and doubles as access to the cage that hangs underneath the drone to load up packages that weigh up to 10 pounds. While the drone is docked, the drone is recharged through a physical connection between its arms and the truck’s battery. The main goal for the drones is not to replace drivers, but to help reduce the number of miles in which the driver would have to drive and be more efficient. During a second unofficial test flight, there was a glitch which caused the drone to abort unexpectedly. Looks like launching delivery drones from UPS trucks is still a ways away but at least you won’t have parcels being tossed over fences by drivers in the future.


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Qualcomm unveiled their new X20 LTE chipset, which can transfer data at speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second, meanwhile, intel announced their XMM 7560 LTE modem, which has speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.


Looks like Nintendo should downsize their retail switch game boxes just a tad. Ars Technica showed off a copy of the Zelda cartridge and there is A LOT of empty space. Why so much space nintendo?


A software engineer managed to put a playable version of Doom 2 on the dashboard of a Porsche 911 Carrera S cabriolet. He mapped the horn to be the shoot button. Thats all im gonna say because the gameplay video is just silly. Don’t game and drive kids. It’s back for your health.


Android’s SVP, Hiroshi Lockheimer, tweeted out that the next Android version could be named Android Oreo. What other dessert type things start with the letter O that Android should go with? Leave a comment.


And ELSA has announced a single slot GTX 1050Ti. No word on pricing but apparently it’s only for the Japanese market.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in theNCIX forum post linked in the description.



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