Samsung VR Rollercoaster, Amazon Echo Dot & Tap, AR Headset from Intel

Six Flags just stepped up the roller coaster game. The amusement park corporation is teaming up with Samsung to launch the first virtual reality roller coasters. You heard right folks. 9 Six flag parks in North America will be seeing the debut of VR roller coasters using the Samsung GEAR VR. The New Revolution ride will transport riders into a futuristic battle to save the earth from an alien invasion. For Superman the ride, you’ll be soaring through Metropolis to try and stop Lex Luthor. The rides are set to start running VR this month and into the summer. Just 2 questions though. Will motion sickness be worse? And how are the headsets supposed to stay strapped to your head going full speed on loops and drops? What do think? Leave a comment.

Amazon has announced two new Alexa devices. The Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap. The echo dot is shaped like a hockey puck and is basically the Echo’s little sibling that doesn’t have a speaker. all you need to do is plug it into your own speakers system to get the Alexa experience. The Amazon Tap is a rechargeable bluetooth speaker that uses Alexa to control music, deliver the news and more. The only difference between the Tap from the Echo is that the Tap is not always listening. To activate it, you press a button, which makes sense… since they called it the tap. The Dot is priced at $90 and the Tap is $130.

And in Augmented Reality headset news, rumours are floating around that Intel is working on its own AR headset. But it won’t be an end product for Intel themselves but a reference design for other manufacturers. Meanwhile start up company Meta has begun taking orders for their next AR headset, the Meta 2 development kit. Pre orders start at $950


Its time for snippy snippets!

The Television Academy has expanded its criteria to be considered for an Emmy, allowing for internet exclusive shows to win awards as well… Could you imagine? Netlinked Daily wins an emmy?… wait… #emmy4netlinked! lets get that trending! Jack… thats not gonna happen.

Razer has released its own streaming slash recording tool, the Cortex Gamemaster. The new software is supposed to be lightweight and has a sleek unobtrusive user interface.

EK has announced a new series of DIY water cooling kits with everything you need to watercool your PC. Its called the Performance series and there are 3 different versions.The kits start at $350 dollars

AMD has gone to Reddit to do an AMA today. Topics that can be covered include Vulkan, Freesync, Polaris and more. But not Zen.. cuz.. that’s still super secret.

Ubisoft has done it again. They just can’t get it right. The world map for Far Cry primal is an EXACT copy of the world map from Far Cry 4. Really Ubisoft….REALLY?!

And finally, Mass effect Andromeda will be pushed to the first quarter of 2017 according to EA’s CFO during a telecom conference.