Seagate 14, 16, + 20TB HDDs, HTC Vive Upgrade Cycle, Human-Pig Hybrids

Tech news. It’s not about how it makes you feel. It’s about what it lets you know. We’re not here to change the world. And we’re not here to apologize, either. What are we here to do? … I forgot actually why are we…TECH NEWS! 


SSDs have clearly overtaken conventional hard drives as the standard choice for boot drives in PCs, but the one thing physical spinning-platter hard drives have over SSDs is pure storage capacity. Seagate is planning to press that advantage, as the company has announced plans to launch 14 terabyte and 16 terabyte HDDs in the next 18 months. They’ve already got 12TB drives making their way into the market right now, but these behemoths will pave the way for Seagate to reach their goal of releasing a 20TB hard drive by 2020. Uh, we get it Seagate, you got some big hard drives. Uh, compensating for something? Heeeeeeeh. I’ll wait while you guys come up with inappropriate comments about what you would fill up a 20TB drive with. Just kidding, I won’t.


If you’ve got yourself an HTC Vive, don’t expect it to be the newest top of the line headset for too long. In an interview with RoadtoVR, HTC China Regional President of Vive, Alvin Graylin, said that the VR upgrade cycle would sit somewhere between consoles and smartphones. Consoles refresh every 5 to 6 years or so, and smartphones iterate every year, so according to Graylin, we should be expecting new VR headsets every 1 to 3 years. Even if the headset hardware itself doesn’t change much, we’ll probably see HTC and others like Oculus adding new features through accessories, like the Deluxe Audio strap and Vive Tracker, which attaches to any real-world object so it can be used in-game.


And this is sort of Tech News, because it involves technology, but it’s mainly about biology? I’m just talking about it cuz I’m interested. Scientists at the Salk Institute in California have created what everyone is calling pig-human hybrid embryos. Now, that’s being generous – the embryos only have about one human stem cell to a hundred thousand pig cells, Now why would we want pigs with human cells anyway? Well, the point of all this is to grow human organs inside pigs, so there’s a more abundant supply available for human patients in need of a transplant. 22 Americans die every day from a lack of available organs from donors, and if we grew them in pigs, then we wouldn’t need to wait for an unlucky organ donor to get in a car crash. The scientists in question have already created rat-mouse chimeras that lived a normal-length lifespan, of about 2 years. But… this brings up some tricky ethical and moral questions, which should seem obvious to everyone. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea, or could we be eventually destroyed by an army of Pig-men tormented by their own existence? Leave a comment!


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Intel has begun shipping Optane DIMMs to its manufacturing partners to replace regular old RAM sticks with new 3D Xpoint memory, so, while there’s still no concrete launch dates for Optane RAM or storage SSDs, this news could make us feel a little better.

Look! It’s a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8, apparently, no home button and all, along with a bunch of new rumored features and a launch date of March 29th. But it’s all leaks, all the way down, so those could go either way.

The Type-C Power Meter from Satechi is a little doohickey that will tell you if the sketchy USB Type-C cables you bought on Amazon are sketchy enough to fry your device – but it won’t actually protect your device itself. You have to do that. Take some responsibility for once.

Samsung might be skipping the Mobile World Congress, but Sony reportedly isn’t, as they’re gearing up to launch 5 new phones at the expo. Cuz 5 phones are better than one! Shotgun approach.

Lots of phone news: The LG G6 will be the first non-Google Pixel phone equipped with Google Assistant – previous reports said the G6 would have Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant, but nope. Alexa had her chance. She knows what she did.

And Google Maps is adding a feature that will tell Android users how hard it’s gonna be to park at your destination once you get directions. There might not be anything you can do about it, but at least you’ll be mentally prepared.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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