Sneaky i7 8700K Benchmarks


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Intel’s 8th gen Coffee Lake desktop processors are on the way, but we’ve gotten a peek at their performance from YouTuber Karl Morin. He’s Quebecois, that’s why… his name sounds like that. At Dreamhack in Montreal, Karl found a demo system running the unreleased Core i7 8700K CPU, and the sneaky devil managed to run Cinebench, CPU-Z, and Geekbench on the machine. Guru3D added the results to their CPU bench numbers and the 8700 slotted in between the Ryzen 1600 and 1600X in multi-threaded performance, and did better than everything except the i7 7740X in Single thread. Hm. I feel like maybe it should have beaten the 7740X, but this is a very informal demonstration, so hopefully, we see some more legit numbers soon.


Apple is holding their iPhone reveal event tomorrow, but today, a ton of info leaked about what they may or may not show off. A pirated version of iOS 11 was the source of the leaked details, which include these nuggets: There are 3 new iPhones coming, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, with a taller and narrower design, OLED screen, 6-core A11 processor, and price tag higher than 1 thousand bucks. Face ID is a new facial recognition feature that you can use to pay for things and animate 3D emojis called “animojis”. The next Apple Watch will have LTE. The next Apple TV will support 4K. But perhaps most shocking, the new iPhones may feature wireless charging and USB Type C instead of lightning connectors. Good Gravy. But also, Central Pahk! Obviously take these details with a grain of salt, and then sprinkle it on your snack of choice when Apple officially tells all tomorrow.


Xiaomi, meanwhile, wanted to steal some of Apple’s buzz, so they took the lid off 3 new devices of their own today. The Mi Mix 2 has a giant 6 inch 18 by 9 display with almost no bezels and generally super high-end internal specs. The Mi Note 3 is essentially a Mi 6 with a bigger display, and that’s according to Xiaomi themselves; And the Mi Notebook Pro is a Macbook Pro competitor with an 8th gen Intel CPU, Nvidia Geforce MX150 GPU, and a lot more port options than its lookalike. These devices probably aren’t coming to Canada, but they will be available in the US from certain sources, so it’s just nice to know about them.


It’s time for Quick Bits, my dudes!

Good guy, Google is offering free repairs to Pixel owners who have suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey, no matter how bad the damage is. If your phone was damaged from a previous hurricane, sorry, it’s not… only certain hurricanes are valid here.

Good guy Tesla unlocked the batteries of the 60 kWh versions of their vehicles, allowing drivers to use the full 75 kWh to escape Hurricane Irma, but that has led users asking, waaait a minute… So Tesla is purposely limiting these cars in order to sell upgrades that could be applied with a simple software update? And we knew that already but this just reminded us? I think I’m angry?

China is so over gas and diesel cars, and will be discussing banning their production and sale. Man, after all they’ve done for us? We’re just gonna throw em aside like that? Rude.

Modders have released a version of Super Mario 64 that allows multiplayer as a number of Super Mario characters. So that’s … probably way more fun than just playing… a regular multiplayer game, I’m sorry, I’m not a nostalgist.

And Microsoft’s Game Mode for Windows 10 is supposed to improve performance, but turns out its caused screen tearing and stuttering for some users, so Microsoft says they’ll fix that with the Fall Creators Update. So. That seems pretty routine actually, not super exciting news there.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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