So infected iOS apps are not 40 but 4000 or more.

Two days ago, We report that due to the uses of  XcodeGhost, a rouge version of Apple’s development tool, about 40 Apps including an older version of Wechat are infected. Today the situation seems getting worse.  Researchers from FireEye identified over 4,000 problematic apps on the App Store

“We had a closer look at the data and were able to track the start of the infection to April 2015 with a significant uptick in infections over this last month of September,” the company’s research team said

“Given our risk analysis results of infected apps regarding their actual behavior, we feel that ‘AdWare’ might be a more appropriate classification rather than malicious ‘malware’,” the Appthority researchers also said

At this moment, there is not much for the iOS users to defend themselves. Will Apple remove all infected apps from App Store? We do not know yet.