SONY join the wearable device game with its SmartBand 2

Sony Smartband 2 group

SONY decided to join the battle of wearable devices with its $130 SmartBand 2. What is new about the new band? It includes heart rate monitor.

Not too long ago, I said in one of the articles that you hardly see trackers or bands with heart rate monitor for under $200. Looks like this became a joke as numerous companies start to release decent quality health trackers/bands with HRM for sub $150 and SONY is one of them

The band works for both iOS and Android (Good job SONY). Like many bands out there, it will provide handy features and functions you can better communicate with your phone. How good it is? You have to get one and try yourself.

SONY confirms to ship out SmartBand 2 in September in more than 60 countries worldwide.