Sony Playstation 4.5, Hololens demos at Lowe’s, Sony talks cross-play

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida gave some more details on what Sony is going to do about the whole cross-network play with Xbox thing. Yoshida noted that connecting to PC for shared multiplayer is much easier, because it’s an open platform – indeed, Rocket League and Street Fighter 5 are both current games that feature PS4 and PC players playing together. Cross console play will be harder, but Yoshida did say that the technical aspect of connection could be the easiest – it’s the business and policy issues that could be the real problem. Hoo! I don’t even wanna think about THAT paperwork!

In other Sony news, a new report says the company has been talking to developers about its plans to release a new, upgraded version of the PS4. The new console is being referred to, by some of the insiders at least, as the PS4.5, and would include a more powerful GPU, with the aim of running games at 4K. The graphical boost would also help the performance of games meant for Playstation VR, which might be needed, since Sony is now rejecting any games that can’t maintain 60 fps on the headset.

And Hololens is taking a big step into the mainstream with another suuuper techy company: Lowe’s. The two have announced a partnership that will let customers in the Seattle area use an in-store Hololens to visualize what their kitchen might look like if it was remodelled. The Lowe’s showroom will take the form of a mostly empty kitchen that can be populated with Hololens holograms. Well! As a designer myself, I might have to take a little trip down to the states and take a little look-see myself.


Hey! What time is it! Small talk time. 

A pretty sketchy looking spec sheet for Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs has leaked, and if it’s correct, Nvidia will be calling them the “X” series. My advice: take this with an enormous grain of salt, because leaks like these are often false.

Like this one! It shows what appears to be a device that looks exactly similar to a patent filed by Nintendo for a game controller with an integrated touchscreen. Is this the Nintendo NX controller?!? No, it’s not, as the image displayed on the touchscreen is a screengrab from an Unreal Engine 4 demo. Good thing, too, it looks super janky.

Domino’s Australia has field-tested its autonomous pizza delivery robot, and it’s going to start limited trials soon. It’s 2016. We get pizza delivered by robots. Anything is possible.

Microsoft Edge is FINALLY getting extension support, although it’s only in beta, and there’s only 3 extensions so far. So in other words, keep using Chrome or Firefox. (Sorry, Microsoft).

PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout got a look at a PC running AMD’s upcoming Polaris GPU at GDC, and it was apparently playing back 4K VR video content in passive mode, i.e, no fans running. Well! Not bad, AMD!

And Microsoft is also dropping the price of the Xbox One to 299 US starting March 20. It’s for a limited time, but the last time they did this, the price stuck, so hopefully it does!